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Author: Bruce Walker
Date:  April 20, 2006

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Iran and a Thought Experiment

The great geopolitical thought experiment of the last century flows with awful certainty into what may be the great and terrible thought experiment of this century.

The great geopolitical thought experiment of the last century, the thought experiment which I described at length in my new book, Sinisterism: Secular Religion of the Lie, flows with awful certainty into what may be the great and terrible thought experiment of this century.  For readers unfamiliar with my new book, the great and ghastly thought experiment of the Twentieth Century is this:  What if both Nazi Germany and the United States had survived the Second World War and acquired mutual assured destruction?  What if America, knowing of HaShoah, just as we knew in horrid detail the nightmare of the Gulag with the Soviet Union, found it both politically and economically expedient to forget past democide and forge peaceful, even friendly, relations with the Third Reich of 1970? 

What would the world have been like in 1970?  Nazis almost certainly would have been the first into outer space.  Nazi eugenics, as monstrous as we rightly see them, might well have ended genetic disease and might even have succeeded in raising the general intelligence of the population in psychometric terms.  Other animals have been so bred. 

Nazi medical science was evil, not ineffective, just as Nazi scientific research was evil, not ineffective.  The same Nazis would produced the marvelous “People’s Car” (Volkswagen), oversaw the brilliantly engineered Autobahn, sent the first rockets into outer space, foresaw impulse deep space engines decades before the rest of the world, and who maintained a relatively high standard of living for most Germans during most of the Second World War might have looked to the world very different than the Soviet Union in the Cold War. 

Why?  Because the awful truth is that the Third Reich might have “worked” in the way that Sinisterists consider things to work.  Once the Jews, the Christians, the Gypsies and the Slavs were murdered or reduced to helots, there is no reason to doubt that the Nazi government would have been able to produce the sort of efficiency and affluence that evil empires stretching back to Assyria and Rome were able to produce.  Is this possible?  It is probable.  We do not have to guess whether Germans were more productive than Russians:  the Democratic Republic of Germany or East Germany, despite having had virtually everything of value removed to the Soviet Union, by 1970 had a per capita production three times greater than the Soviet Union, although both were doctrinaire Marxist states.  East Germany was by far the most successful of all Communist nations.

If the Third Reich had simply been as productive as the East Germans, then it would have come close to rivaling the United States in economic power and also in consumer affluence.  But there is no reason to believe that the Third Reich would have not been significantly more productive than roughly subjected East Germany:  the Nazis were, by any measurement, more advanced in science and technology than the Communists, and that would have directly translated into productivity and an ability to keep up with the United States technologically.  It is improbable, but possible, that Nazi Germany could have equaled the United States in actual prosperity.  It is nearly certain that the average German would have had a very high standard of living, and if we are foolish enough to value that more than morality, then we are crypto-Sinisterists, deceiving ourselves about what matters and what does not matter. 

It is a mistake, a terrible mistake to believe that Iran may not develop, once their odious leaders have cowed our craven politicos, into a nuclear power than can dominate all of central Asia and the vast majority of the planets oil.  It is also a mistake, a terrible mistake, to doubt that Iran could not intimidate through a stranglehold on oil and the threat of nuclear obliteration of European cities, might not indeed become  a power as reckless with peace as Hitler was in 1939. 

Surely the similarity between  the mullahs mocking of the Holocaust and the Nazis perpetration of the Holocaust ought to give us pause to ponder whether we would have smiled and signed agreements with Nazi leader Albert Speer in 1970, given our timidity in the face of evil today.  Surely the progress of events in Iran, with the world watching as it was in the 1930s, is not on our side.

Will that mean in twenty years European schools will ban study of HaShoah?  Yes, it certainly does mean that, if selfish interest trumps conscience.  Will that mean in thirty years American schools will quietly retire textbooks that include the six million murdered Jews, to comply with the pressure of world opinion and to curry favor with military and economic powers whose favor we crave for our own selfish interests?  Yes, and anyone who doubts that is a fool.

The leaders of Iran are the blatant Nazis of now.  Many on the Left have critiqued for the last seventy years the inability of democracies to resist the evil of genocidal hate in Nazi Germany.  It is here today, staring us sneeringly in the face.  Sinisterism always hates Jews; it always hates Christians; it always considers America the “Great Satan;” and it always hates a Jewish homeland.  Sinisterism in Teheran is assuming that America today is like France in 1936.  Only we can answer that question.  If we value six million dead Jews, many million more dead kulaks, and all the tortured and murdered souls of the last awful century, there is only one moral answer.  It does not require deep thought.  It requires only courage and will.  

Bruce Walker

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