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Author: Bruce Walker
Date:  April 23, 2006

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Sinisterism and Jewish Fascists (not Jewish Nazis)

Fascism is often portrayed as the epitome of anti-Semitism and Nazism is always presented as simply a variation of Fascism. Both are portrayed as part of the nonexistent “Right” extreme of the nonexistent political spectrum. These portrayals are all false.

Fascism is often portrayed as the epitome of anti-Semitism and Nazism is always presented as simply a variation of Fascism.  Both are portrayed as part of the nonexistent “Right” extreme of the nonexistent political spectrum.  These portrayals are all false. Fascism and Nazism were forms of Sinisterism: an odious lust for power described in my new book, Sinisterism: Secular Religion of the Lie, which inevitably descends over time into hatred of Jews, hatred of Christians, hatred of Israel and hatred of America – that includes not only Nazism, but Bolshevism, Marxism, radical Islam and every other incarnation of Sinisterism. 

Nazism was the vilest form of anti-Semitism, but Fascism was for many years both friendly toward Jews and hostile toward Nazis.  Eventually, after many years, Fascism embraced anti-Semitism, as all forms of Sinisterism do, and it formed a cynical alliance with Nazism (just as Nazism had formed a cynical alliance with Marxism both before coming to power in 1933 and during the first two years of the Second World War.)

The evils of Sinisterism do not always appear at the same stage for nominally different Sinisterist movements, so Sinisterist organizations like the Nationalist Party of apartheid in South Africa, for example, initially opposed anti-Semitism and supported Bolshevism.  The Sinisterist Ku Klux Klan was not initially anti-Semitic at all.  So it should not be surprising that once there existed what sounds like an oxymoron using the flawed notion of a political spectrum in which a mythical “Right” wing exists Jewish Fascists.  Yet that is precisely the case.

Both before and after the Fascists took power in Italy, there were many Fascist Jews and Fascism reciprocated by opposing anti-Semitism.  As one example, when Hungary adopted anti-Semitic laws after ousting the Jewish Bolshevik Bela Kun, the Fascist periodical Il Popolo d’Italia condemned those anti-Semitic laws in October 1920.  When Mussolini marched on Rome two years later, more than 200 Italian Jewish Fascists marched with him. 

Simon Daus and Gini Bolaffi, two Jewish Fascists, were among the thirty-seven martyrs honored in the Italian Pantheon at Florence.  Castiglione, described by Felix Wittmer Williams in his 1937 book, Flood-light on Europe, the son of a Trieste rabbi, was one of several Jews who financed Mussolini’s march on Rome.  Aldo Finzi, a close Jewish friend of Mussolini was entrusted with the politically vital position of Undersecretary of the Interior (Chief of Police in Fascist Italy.)  Other Jewish Fascists were  Minister of Finance, Guido Jung; Fascist Party newspaper editor, Carlo Foa; Gino Avia, drafter of  the Fascist Constitution; Giorgio Del Vecchio, a founding member of the Fascist movement; and Augusto Turati, the first General Secretary of the Fascist Party. 

Margherita Sarfatti, Mussolini’s mistresses and editor of Greater, the Fascist intellectual journal which was intended to be the voice of the Duce himself , literary editor of Il Popolo d’Italia, the Fascist newspaper, and the semi-official biographer of Mussolini was Jewish. Sinisterists have tried, belatedly, to portray Sarfatti as an enigma – how could the chief propagandist for the leader of Fascism have been Jewish?  - but Sarfatti was wealthy and she was well educated.  The leading “intellectuals” of the time were guests at her home.  Mussolini and Sarfatti worked together from 1911, before either was a Fascist.  What were these political activists in 1911?  Radical Socialists (or Sinisterists wearing a different name.)

Many Jews in Fascist Italy admired Mussolini.  One rabbi in Turin admired “the noble figure of Il Duce, powerful, gifted with amazing, I would almost say, divine, qualities.” When Mussolini invaded Ethiopia, large numbers of Jews in Italy offered holy artifacts, including the Gold Key to the Ark of the Law from the Synagogue in Rome to be melted for use in the Italian war effort. 

Mussolini reciprocated this friendship.  Fascists founded a training camp for Zionists with the intention of using them to fight the British in occupied Palestine, and an admiral in the Israeli Navy had served as a naval officer in the Fascist Navy and the Israeli Navy largely received its training in the Fascist Navy as a Zionist arm.  He proclaimed more than once anti-Semitism as wrong and inconsistent with Fascism.

Tragically, in October 1938, when Fascism ended its cold war with Nazism, Fascist Italy reluctantly adopted anti-Semitism, but it was so tame that the Nazis sneeringly called it “Kosher Fascism.”  Nazi racial laws, for example, provided that anyone with any Jewish blood was “Jewish,” while Fascist racial laws provided that anyone with any non-Jewish blood was not Jewish;  in one of those perverse twists of history, Italian Education Minister Giuseppe Bottai, whose mother was Jewish, was one of the Fascists most supportive of the Fascist racial policies adopted in 1938.  This change of attitude in Fascism toward Jews was noted at the time.  Schapiro, a Jewish historian of the time wrote in 1940 that the  Fascist racial laws  were novel Fascist policy, which had been condemned by Fascism earlier and which had been “denounced by Mussolini himself.” 

Even after the Second World War, consider what the Universal Jewish Encyclopedia says about Fascism in its 1948 edition - after the Holocaust observes that totalitarian Italy was not affected by the frantic anti-Semitism of its German counterpart, and that Nazi racial theories of the German Reich were flatly rejected and ridiculed by Mussolini and by his government and the press for many years.  Laura Fermi, the Jewish wife of physicist Enrico Fermi, in her biography of Mussolini, written many years after the Second World War, also notes that Mussolini was originally hostile to anti-Semitism. 

But that inconvenient fact is disappearing from modern references.  The 1992 edition of the New Standard Jewish Encyclopedia, in its section on “Fascism” noted that Jews were involved in Fascism from its inception and rose to high power within the Fascist regime. The 2000 edition of the same New Standard Jewish Encyclopedia, does not even have  “Fascism” in its index, although the same man edited both editions.  

Sinisterism believes in book burning, in text purging, in the drowning of salient facts in oceans of meaningless minutia, in endless repetition of false assumptions.  The only opponents of Sinisterism are serious Jews and serious Christians, which is why only America and Israel – the only two consensual nations in history – are hated so intensely by Sinisterists.  It is the religion of the Lie.  It is the theology of hate.  Nominal Jews and nominal Christians – JINOS and CINOS – fall prey easy to the lies of Sinisterism, because they believe in nothing else really, and when you believe in nothing else really, a lie works just fine. 

Bruce Walker

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