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Author: Bruce Walker
Date:  May 14, 2006

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Cynthia McKennedy

Two recent incidents bring home why Republicans should turn out on election day and vote for Republican candidates.

Two recent incidents bring home why Republicans should turn out on election day and vote for Republican candidates, whatever chagrin conservatives may feel toward President Bush or Republican cowardice on some policy issues.

Cynthia McKinney, who assaulted a law enforcement officer, lied about it, lied about it again, and immediately raised the race and gender card without any foundation at all, and then lied about it yet again is an example of the sheer dishonesty of Democrats, the blatant lying even in the face of clear evidence, the near reveling in untruthfulness as if it was a virtue and not a vice.

Patrick Kennedy went point by point over a drunk driving crash with police, then he refused a sobriety test, and then the next day completely recanted what could not be recanted:  his explicit description of events of his crime the night before.  This is worse than just lying to the American people:  it is arrogant, condescending, indifferent and casual lying to the American people.

This consistent pattern of behavior by Democrats – like Clinton denying under oath knowing what the word “is” is or whether his affair with Monica Lewinsky constituted “having sex” -  has become pandemic among a political party that once had honorable men like Mike Mansfield and Carl Albert. 

Republicans must wonder very seriously how a political party filled with congresspersons like Cynthia McKennedy, who abuse law enforcement and lies so gleefully as a minority party, would act if in power again.  It is not an idle question. 

Congressman Cunningham is in prison, prosecuted by the Justice Department of a Republican President.  Newt Gingrich and Bob Livingston resigned from Congress for conduct that was not illegal, but simply questionable – and did so while Republicans controlled Congress.  Tom Delay, who has not been shown to have done anything illegal or even unethical, is leaving Congress.

The party of Cynthia McKennedy, however, nominated a goon like Robert Torricelli as their candidate for the Senate in 2002, until it looked like he might lose, and only then – after re-nominating him! – did they illegally replace him based on a heretofore obscure constitutional right of Democrats to win elections.

Despite the drumbeat of “culture of corruption” from the Left and its media megaphone, most of the clear cases of House corruption are by Democrats – Alan Mollohan, William Jefferson and John Conyers have all be investigated and more for offenses that are not technical violations of some hypothetical wrong, but clearly immoral and criminal behavior. 

If most of the House members who are blatant liars and cheats are Democrats when Democrats are the minority, what will happen if the Democrats regain the House?  The devolution of America into a banana republic is not inconceivable.  Pols like Cynthia McKennedy have no shame.  They are pols in the same sense that tinpot dictators in the Third World are pols:  they will do anything for power.

What should Republicans do?  Regarding Cynthia McKennedy, the answer is clear.  Do not prosecute Cynthia McKinney; do not prosecute or even investigate Patrick Kennedy.  The crimes these two misanthropes committed were, literally, federal offenses.  There is also absolutely no wiggle room regarding their guilt, particularly when the smoke and mirrors of the criminal justice system is removed.

So President Bush should issue a full and complete pardon to both of these bad people.  Then he should call upon the House of Representatives to exercise its duty to vote up or down on a censure motion for both McKinney and Kennedy. Their conduct was absolutely inexcusable.  Their subsequent dishonesty compounded the lousiness of their behavior. 

No lengthy House Ethics investigation is required, and besides, because the ranking Democrat on the House Ethics Committee, Mollohan, has recently been compelled himself  to give up his post because of political corruption, a House Ethics investigation would delay resolution until  after the November election, while it is imperative that the roll call vote on censure must come before the election.

Let Democrats go on the record as censuring two of their own for inexcusable behavior and total dishonesty – and then try to run on a “climate of corruption” theme -  or let Democrats in Flyover Country run for re-election with a “no” vote on censure as an albatross around their necks. 

As the criminal cases unfold against Mollohan, Jefferson and Conyers do the same:  pardon them and then have a roll call vote on censure.  While Republicans have the majority, compel House Democrats to vote for or against the punishment of their own rotten members.  Make McKinney, Kennedy, Mollohan, Jefferson and Conyers the poster children of every Republican House race.  Do this, and Republicans will not only hold the House but gain seats.

Bruce Walker

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