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Author: Bruce Walker
Date:  May 21, 2006

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Some Defendants are More Equal than Others

The Kafkaesque persecution of the Duke Lacrosse students, almost certainly innocent, and the joyful exoneration of O.J. Simpson, clearly guilty, reveals a double standard that is truly Orwellian.

The Kafkaesque persecution of the Duke Lacrosse students, almost certainly innocent, and the joyful exoneration of O.J. Simpson, clearly guilty and determined guilty in a civil lawsuit of a twin murder much worse than anything the Duke students are accused of committing, reveals a double standard that is truly Orwellian.

The last lines of Orwell’s lesser masterpiece, Animal Farm, describe it perfectly.   After the revolution of the putative underclass of animals from the oppressor farmer, the notion of the equality of all was hammered into the newly subject animals.  But like all Sinisterists, the Stalin of Animal Farm had no interest in anything other than power, and like all Sinisterists, who worship the Lie, manipulation of language was the preferred method of enslaving thought.

How, in Animal Farm, did the pretense of individual justice and equal law for all express itself?  In the famous lines appended to the propaganda slogan of the Sinisterists “All animals are equal,” which was “but some animals are more equal than others.”  The mutilation of logic, the contortion of semantics which that appendage represents is exactly what Sinisterism will always seek:  true prejudice, in its most vile sense.

The Duke Lacrosse team travesty is worse than simply a lynch mob with the pandering prosecutor acting as Imperial Wizard or Grand Dragon of the Knights of the Ku Klux Left, but it resembles more than more odious Trial of the Scottsboro Boys (as it was typically called) seventy-five years ago.  In that trial, obviously innocent black youths were charged with rape because of the accusation of a white woman.  Race and gender, not facts and presumptions of innocence, were the sole criteria for the formal system of justice which resulted in death sentences for eight of the nine young black men (the twelve year old defendant was sentenced to life in prison, because of his young age.)

In many ways the similarities between the two cases are astounding.  In both cases the accuser had semen in her vagina, but it was the semen of white men, not the Scottsboro Boys.  In both cases the “victim” or “victims” were women who had been engaging in unsavory and immoral acts, by their own admission, that had nothing to do with the accused around the time of the alleged rape.  In both cases race was supposed to be the nasty motive of the alleged rapists, a group of innocent young men.  In both cases the formal representatives of our justice system ignored the presumption of innocence and the rights of the accused – as well as their own professional duties as officers of the court – in a bigoted attempt to placate a lynch mob community.

The “guilt” of Scooter Libby, Tom Delay and other conservatives for the thoughtcrime of being conservatives is equally reprehensible.  What value does the Bill of Rights have, why should conservatives even pay lip service to the Bill of Rights, if that very activity which it was intended to protect – free expression of ideas and opinions – obviously results in “uppity” conservatives being lynched?  It is important to remember that the putative “crimes” of these and other conservatives before the Sinisterist Inquisition is in saying or in writing or in expressing things which are crimes.  What does “freedom of speech” or “freedom of the press” the written or spoken words of one class of citizens is systematically persecuted?  It means nothing.  If the First Amendment was repealed tomorrow, it would not affect conservatives at all.  The power to express oneself exists irrespective of human law (just ask Alexander Solzhenitsyn) and the only question is the cost paid for that expression. 

Sinisterists (or Leftists, if you will) punish those who express opinions by those who are official scapegoats (Jews, kulaks, conservatives, white males) and sometimes, as in the case of the new Trial of the Scottsboro White Boys, just like the Nazi Sinisterists at Kristallnacht, they punish the scapegoats simply for existing. Jews in Germany, ultimately, were persecuted under technically lawful processes for the crime of being Jewish and Jews outside of Germany faced even worse fates for the same crime. 

The whole notion of defendants who are guilty before trial, even before offense, is something which grotesquely both George Orwell and Franz Kafka understood and prophesized.  When a prosecutor refuses to even see or review exculpatory evidence, then the trial that follows is much like The Trial of Kafka:    the defendant is really the victim; the offense is really innocence; the trial is really a surreal mockery of justice.

The ghosts of Orwell and of Kafka hang over a courtroom in North Carolina.  The notion of equality before the law of all criminal defendants is a macabre fiction.  The truth, the real truth is that Sinisterists profess that all criminal defendants are equal, but what they mean is “All defendants are equal, but some defendants are more equal than others.”

Bruce Walker

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