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Author: Bruce Walker
Date:  May 22, 2006

Topic category:  Other/General

Letting the People Decide Reconquista

It is an open secret that a militant minority of Mexicans dream of re-annexing Texas, California, Arizona and New Mexico.

It is an open secret that some militant and mean Mexicans (a minority of Mexicans among a nation of decent and hard-working people trapped by a corrupt government) dream of re-annexing Texas, California, Arizona and New Mexico.  This Reconquista is supposedly because of the awful crime of the Mexican-American War, in which the United States committed the unpardonable crime of demonstrating that its system of government and politics produced much happier, safer and more prosperous states than the United States of Mexico.

The plan is to flood these states with immigrants, gain political and economic clout, and return these four American states to Mexico so that Californians, Texans, Arizonians and New Mexicans can be just as happy as the average Mexican (i.e. so that Colorado, Oklahoma, Oregon, Utah and Nevada will soon  be overwhelmed by these former Americans trying to leave the Reconquista Southwest.)

Conservatives and other normal people should preempt, humiliate and de-legitimatize this absurd scheme.  How?  The old fashioned way:  allow the peoples of each of these states to vote on whether or not they wish to become part of the United States of Mexico, remain part of the United States of America, or become independent nations.  California, Arizona and New Mexico allow the people to directly vote on this type of issue; Texas does not, but the Texas Legislature could amend the state constitution to allow a plebiscite or it could appropriate funds to conduct a poll which included every registered voter in Texas.  

The question should be a series of three “yes” or “no” questions.  Californians, as an example, might be asked “Do you wish for California to be part of the United States of America?” and then “Do you wish for California to become an independent nation?” and then “Do you wish for California to become a state of Mexico?” Republicans in Congress could even introduce legislation, allowed under the Constitution, to permit the people of California, of Texas, of Arizona and of New Mexico each to leave the Union and join the Mexican nation as states of that country, if the peoples of those states so voted. 

Why do this?  There are several reasons.  First, the vote (or official government poll) would demonstrate that the peoples of each of these states, even the Leftist politicians in those states, do not support the Reconquista nonsense.  Second, the only response of the Left to this approach would be to oppose allowing the people to vote on these three questions.  But what politicians can seriously oppose allowing the people of these states to vote on these timely issues?  Only people who had manifest contempt for the will of the people of these states – and voters tend to remember this contempt.  These sorts of politicians find their contempt for those whose votes they need to be a politically impossible burden (which is why, of course, judges have done all the heavy lifting for the Left during the last quarter century.)  Third, this process would prevent the demonization of individuals who stand up to the deconstruction of American culture by showing that people who come to America do so because of the superiority of American culture. 

Perhaps, at the same time, the government of the United States should ask the government of Mexico to allow the citizens its own border states to vote on the same questions:  Do the people of the various states of Mexico wish to become independent nations?  Do the people of the various states of Mexico wish to become part of the United States of America?  Do the people of the various states of Mexico wish to remain part of the United States of Mexico?  In a fair and open vote, some Mexican states would want to secede from their United States of Mexico, and some would want to become part of the United States of America.  This should not, of course, mean that these Mexican states should become American states, but it could mean that states could become territories of the United States, subject to control by Congress and enjoying the same favorable commonwealth status as Puerto Rico, whose people routinely vote to remain a territory of the United States and routinely reject independence. 

Ideally, this should be on the ballot in the November 2006 election.  It would divide Democrats into bickering and incoherent groups (i.e. the natural condition of the party of miserable malcontents) and it would provide a point around which all Republicans and other normal people would rally, without offending Mexican-Americans, who want to stay Americans as well.

Bruce Walker

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