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Author: Bruce Walker
Date:  June 18, 2006

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There is no Right but only the Left - and it is bad

Whenever Sinisterists accusel conservatives and other normal people members of being the “Radical Right” or “Extreme Right Wing” or other such nonsense, all of us – conservatives and other normal people who constitute sixty percent of the population – ought to respond “The is no Right Wing.”

Whenever Sinisterists accusel conservatives and other normal people members of being the “Radical Right” or “Extreme Right Wing” or other such nonsense, all of us – conservatives and other normal people who constitute sixty percent of the population – ought to respond “The is no Right Wing.” It this sounds too theoretical or if your mind has been guided into believing in an ideological spectrum of a “Far Right” and “Far Left,” then please read my new book, Sinisterism: Secular Religion of the Lie.

Think about who we “Right-Wing nuts” are: people who want nuclear families, quiet neighborhoods, terrorists not murdering us, lives of going to church or synagogue without ridicule, work and recreation not dictated by remote rulers – elected and unelected – in Washington, the right to our own local culture.  Then ponder for a moment this question: how is this an “ideology”?  It is not!  Personal liberty, the private choice to conserve traditional values, the love of family – none of this is ideological at all. 

The greatest lie of the many lies hammered into the imprisoned minds of college students or spouted from gauleiters of Sinisterism is that if we move too far to the Right, we end up with Dauchau and if we move too far to the Left, we end up with the Gulag.  Nazis and Bolsheviks and Islamofascists and Maoists and all the other odious rats who murder for to please their godless god of nihilism and lie as a religious rite are Sinisterists – either overt Leftists or Leftists masquerading as something “new” and “different” (rather like “liberals” became “progressives” a couple of decades ago.)

All – and I mean all – of those monsters picked up and plopped down as examples of the “Far Right” were Leftists in disguise.  The true political heroes of conservatives and other normal people are people like Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Churchill, Reagan, Thatcher and Bush.  Anyone who has truly studied the lives of these people know that they held an abiding love of enduring values, a serious relationship with the Blessed Creator of the Universe (the religion was not the Godlessness of Ann Coulter’s blockbuster), and a willingness to self-sacrifice for future generations.  Each of these giants also gave up power – no “Presidents for Life” or “Fuhrers” or “Vozd” or “Chairman Mao” or “Duce” in the bunch.)

Ask the next Sinisterists (and start calling them Sinisterists, not Leftists and not “liberals”)  about the lives of those conservative heroes and ask what the ignoramuses of Sinisterism (those who worship the Lie inevitably descend into ignorance) believe that these giants of goodness believed.  There lives are, quite literally, open books:  they believed in God, in the lessons of history, in the virtue of the good being stronger and braver than the evil, and in giving.

Then ask them who they look up to as high priests.  Castro?  Che?  Mao?  Trotsky?  Any other democidal failures?  If you want – if you would like to quote from my book – you can show them that Castro was first a fascist and that the Cuban dictator, Batista, who Castro overthrew “liberating” Cuba was a strong supporter of Cuban Communism.   Or if only we had Che, who adorned the Hitler-loving and Mussolini-loving Juan Peron! 

It is vital that the increasingly vicious and treasonous voices lined up within America against America be compelled to face the historical fact that their heroes are simply a rogue’s gallery of the dregs of atheistic malice, and that all of these monsters are the Left – the Sinister side. 

Churchill spoke, in the darkest days of the Second World War, of the choices facing mankind.  He was not just speaking of the danger of Nazism or of its one time enemy and ally de jour, Fascism, but rather of the single horde of totalitarianism that spread from conquered Paris to Tokyo and which included the enthusiastically pro-Nazi Soviets, who organized strikes of munitions factories in America and opposed Lend-Lease and in general did all they could to promote Nazi victory.

Because, you see, these horrors all believed in the same things:  they hated Jews; they hated Christians; they hated America; they hated the pregnant idea of a Jewish homeland.  Those against them – those bravest and best – had a hundred different cultural, religious, racial and other differences.  This huge vast pool of the English-speaking democracies would kick Churchill out of office in 1945, but not speak a word against him until the war was one.  There was no “Right” – that is an invention of those evil criminals who wish a punching bag. 

We should stop dignifying Sinisterists with a symmetry which they do not deserve.  They are power hungry pseudo-ideologues, who use ideology as an excuse to torture, rob and imprison.  We, the so-called “Right,” simply wish to live decent lives.  They are both the “Far Right” and the “Far Left” and the “Moderates” (there were “moderate Nazis.”)  Ideology itself is the game of the bad guys.  It is the tool for creating classes and races and genders of victims and victimizers.  Ideology is the grim fulfillment of the self-enslavement George Orwell foretold in 1984:  “Freedom is Slavery.”  Orwell also explained that if we let the Sinisterists create and destroy our language, that they will create and destroy our power to think as well. 

Bruce Walker

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Bruce Walker has been a published author in print and in electronic media since 1990. He is a regular contributor to WebCommentary, Conservative Truth, American Daily, Enter Stage Right, Intellectual Conservative, NewsByUs and MenŐs News Daily. His first book, Sinisterism: Secular Religion of the Lie by Outskirts Press was published in January 2006.

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