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Author: Bruce Walker
Date:  June 23, 2006

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Sarin and Saving Siniisterists

I wonder if anyone understands how truly terrifying and awful Sarin gas can be if used by terrorists?

I wonder if anyone understands how truly terrifying and awful Sarin gas can be if used by terrorists?  Most of the focus of the Left in their Orwellian efforts to change the name of “Operation Iraqi Freedom” into “Operation Iraqi WMD” have focused on an inability to find thermonuclear weapons.  Certainly such weapons are the hardest to produce, easiest to find, and most pressing in public consciousness when thinking about nightmare scenarios.

But in their insistence on warping reality to fit their Hitlerian hatred of President Bush, the Left ignores a peril that could easily end in millions of deaths and, giving where the casualties would occur, would – even worse! – result in the death of a vastly greater number of Leftist voters than voters in Flyover Country (i.e. the real America.)

Sarin gas, huge caches of which were just discovered, would only be used effectively in congested urban areas, places like San Francisco, New York, Philadelphia and Chicago.  It is not hard to use Sarin, which is odorless, colorless, tasteless and invisible.  The Nazis had huge quantities of Sarin at the end of the Second World War and had mechanisms for delivering them in a wide variety of highly effective forms against concentrations of population. 

God alone must have intervened to prevent the use of this first new WMD, because the Soviets and the democratic allies did not even know that Sarin or its nerve gas precursors existed as weapons of war.  Had the Nazis used Sarin, Tabun and Soman earlier in the war, the conquest of occupied Europe by the Red Army or the allies would have been impossible and much larger numbers of soldiers fighting the Nazis would have died in their thick hulled tanks or in their respiratory gas masks without ever knowing what killed them. 

Sarin is now an old WMD, but an awful one, particularly in the hands of terrorists. The tiniest drop of Sarin will send a person into lethal convulsions and, of course, create absolute terror wherever it was used.   A small, single attack could kill tens or hundreds of thousands of people in New York in less than an hour, and with absolutely no warning at all.  The very fact that huge caches of this ghastly weapon were in Iraq and that terrorists could have gotten a few hundred canisters should send chills down the spines of those senators and congressman most hateful toward President Bush, if these pols cared more about their constituents lives than their own personal power.

The Mustard gas discovered, which Leftists with some justice noted has probably degraded by now, is a horrible weapon, but it is fundamentally different from nerve gases.  Respiratory gases are not colorless, odorless, tasteless and invisible.  When Mustard gas is used, everyone knows it is being used.  Moreover, effective gas masks for respiratory gases have been around since the First World War. 

It is the nerve gases which we have just discovered in huge quantities that are the very weapons which terrorists could use tomorrow in Detroit and leave the streets filled with dead bodies.  Indeed, the true “terror” of Sarin is much more like the terror noted in many science fiction films of the 1950s:  mass death from nerve gas looks, from a distance, like mass death from radiation – street after street with motionless cadavers whose death is as mysterious as it is horrifying. 

Even biological weapons, which show up symptomatically in carriers, are less ghoulish than nerve gas.  Plagues can be stopped with quarantines.  Survivors can develop immunity to diseases.  Treatments can be developed.  It is not accident that Hussein used chemical weapons (all types) against Kurds, instead of less risky and more familiar biological warfare.

So the Left, particularly those in congested urban areas which would be decimated by coordinated and serious nerve gas attacks, and the politicians who represent those constituencies owe President Bush and his loyal armed forces an enormous “Thank you!” But if we hold our breath waiting for even a meek apology, much less for gratitude for saving the lives of these Sinisterists (described in my book, Sinisterism: Secular Religion of the Lie) then we will end up as dead as they would be if their sibling Islamic- Sinisterists got their mitts on enough Sarin and made the masses in Seattle, New York and Boston into unwitting suicide victims.  No, the people whose lives were likely saved when the caches were found will not even vote for the men who saved them. 

Bruce Walker

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