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Author: Bruce Walker
Date:  June 25, 2006

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Are American Sinisterists Worse than Hitler?

Are modern Sinisterists, like Soros and Dean, even worse than past Sinisterist monsters like Hitler, Stalin and Mao?

Are modern Sinisterists, like Soros and Dean, even worse than past Sinisterist monsters like Hitler, Stalin and Mao?  At first blush, no:  neither of those two modern Sinisterists – the worshippers of secular lying described in my book, Sinisterism - has even engaged in democide or actually set up a totalitarian state, and whether they would actually do so is problematic as well.  Most likely the worst either of these modern Sinisterists would bring to America is a really bad case of France’s Disease or Sweden’s Syndrome – amoral, socialistic, corrupt, venal and dishonest governance and culture.

But in another sense Soros, Dean, Kerry, Schumer and the rest of ugly Halloween party that is modern Sinisterism (or overt Leftism), is worse than Stalin, worse than Hitler, worse than Mao.  How?  Because the champions of Sinisterism in America are rich, comfortable, free and safe.  They are already lionized by fawning media and cultural elites.  Except Soros, none of them have really endured much and even he had a much easier life than Hitler or Stalin or Mao.

Beyond that, at one point the different versions of Sinisterism recycled again and again today by Dean, Kerry, Schumer et al., like Fascism or Marxism or National Socialism or Maoism are not experiments any longer:  each of these roughly nuanced versions of the same ugly, power-hungry system has been tested and failed.

Fascism, greeted with much enthusiasm by the Left and other Sinisterists when it first appeared, lasted barely twenty years in Italy before it became clear that it was a miserable failure.  Even in one of the most beneficial roles of Fascism – fighting and containing Nazis – the Fascists and their Duce ultimately failed.  But decent men could, and did, initially support Fascism.  In the irrational carnage after the Great War, Fascism made at least as much sense as the Western Front.

Hitler and National Socialists were also greeted, at least by Germans in Europe (including German minorities or majorities in Austria, Czechoslovakia, France and Poland) with glee, and for awhile the Nazi program appeared to be “working” – unemployment declined, German “self-esteem” rose, etc.   Although nutty, chaotic and hateful, Nazism could be supported by many Germans on the highly pragmatic ground that it appeared to work.  Hitler lived a relatively ascetic life (albeit quite conspicuously) and appears to actually believe that he was building a paradise (but only for the German people.)

Marxism, of course, never worked at all.  Bolsheviks also immediately began to deconstruct the booming Russian economy of 1914 and the growing and impressive political and legal rights which the vast majority of Russians possessed.  But Bolshevism, the first institutionalized and constant political campaign in history, has maintained such a full court press on the merits of Marxism that tenured professors, terrorist rulers, tiny brained reporters and other lunatics still actually believe in it.  

Still, the implosion of the Soviet Union, the exposure of the level of Soviet penetration of America by Venona, access to Kremlin archives, and boastful post-Cold War statements of Soviet agents leaves no doubt about the insidious influence of Bolshevism on America and the mess of Russia, which before Lenin was the fastest growing economy on earth: indisputable testaments to the utter failure of Bolshevism.

Soros, Dean, Kerry, Schumer and their fellow Sinisterists know the ghastly consequences of their policies in a way that Hitler and Stalin and Mussolini never could.  Moreover, they know that the failure to resist global Sinisterism – in Iran, in Iraq, in North Auschwitz, in Syria – will result in democides, in holocausts, in the very nightmares which these evil men raise as real dangers in that nation where they choose to live in freedom, privilege and luxury.

Soros, Dean, Kerry, Schumer et al. are worse than the indifferent bureaucrats who sent back desperate Jewish immigrants from America in the 1930s.  These government officials could not know about Treblinka or Sobidor.  Soros, Dean, Kerry, Schumer et al. know precisely what they are doing by leaving the Iraqi people to the merciless terrorists whose tactics are today are to murder innocent Iraqi children.  They know that Kim Jong Il is the sadistic commandant of the largest death camp in human history and they know exactly what that means. 

Lindberg was pilloried, with some justice, for opposing standing up to Hitler, but when the war began he devoted himself fully to helping defeat the Sinisterist powers in the Axis.  Soros, Dean, Kerry, Schumer et al. have defended the greatest evils in modern times and when the president and soldiers who have kept them safe simply asked for their patience, these amoral creatures cannot even elevate themselves to be silent patriots for decency and humanity.  Worse than Hitler, Stalin, Mao or Mussolini?  God only knows, but a case can be made that no group of people, ever, have souls has hideous as these American Sinisterists. 

Bruce Walker

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