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Author: Bruce Walker
Date:  July 5, 2006

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The Mexican Victory

On July 2nd the most conservative party in the Mexican elections won both the presidency again and became against the greatest party in both houses of the Mexican Congress.

Americans expected too much of Vincente Fox when he became the first democratically elected and modestly conservative President of Mexico six years ago. Mexico is formally a federal republic, modeled very closely on our own federal republic. The United States of Mexico has a bicameral national legislature and state governments very much like our own state governments. When democracy begins to take root in Mexico, the President of Mexico will be able to act less like a strongman and more like a democratic leader grappling with conflicting forces. The Fox election meant that Mexico had become a genuine democracy and it also meant that a political party committed, in theory at least, to a more pro-business and pro-growth approach within Mexico was the winner. That was a great victory and remains so today.

On July 2nd the most conservative party in the Mexican elections won both the presidency again and became against the greatest party in both houses of the Mexican Congress. And although the wrangling will continue for days, weeks and months, the result will not: PAN control of the Mexican presidency, PAN as the greatest party in the Mexican Congress, and the commitment of other parties to abide by the results of the election insure that Calderon will be the next President of Mexico.

How does this help America? It helps our nation in several different ways. Calderon will doubtless have to face the same absurd nonsense from the Left that Bush faced in 2000, but the very toughness of Bush in the 2000 recount, the reforms that make Mexican elections relatively free from fraud, the huge PAN Party gains in Congress, and the certain confirmation of Calderon by the Federal Election Tribunal on July 9th mean that Calderon has won.

Moreover, because the biggest fear of a Obrador victory was that he would become a revolutionary and extra-constitutional Hugo Chavez type character, means that if he refuses to accept the verdict of the people, then Obrador confirms the very reasons most Mexicans had for voting against him in the election.

What does this mean for the America? It means a great deal. Calderon is not Fox. In fact, Calderon was not even the protégée of Fox within the PAN Party. The man who will become President of Mexico in December is truly his own man. Calderon, as the second consecutive PAN President of Mexico will be able to do what was always necessary for Mexico: transform his nation into a prosperous, free, open democracy like Costa Rico or Spain. Such nations, regardless of the particular government in power, are natural friends of America. That is the real solution to the problem of immigration. We do not, for example, have a problem of tens of millions of Canadians trying to illegally cross our northern border.

Calderon, like Harper in Canada, was the candidate least favored by terrorists and other violent enemies of America. Expect greater cooperation in fighting terrorism from both of our territorial neighbors, and expect greater diplomatic and political support from both Mexico and Canada because we now have more pro-American governments in these two nations.

What is true in North America is also true in Germany and other nations, demonstrated most recently with the Prime Minister of Japan when he visited Washington and then Graceland to show just how strong the alliance between America and Japan has become. The next Prime Minister of Britain will be a Conservative very sympathetic to America. The next President of France will probably also be a pro-American.

The PAN and Calderon victories, in conjunction with the Conservative Party victory in Canada earlier this year, will also help to keep the price of energy lower, political threats to our energy supplies weaker, and the money available to nations like Iran and Venezuela plummeting.

North America and its three great nations – America, Canada and Mexico – now all have governments more hostile to the goals of al-Qaeda and global terrorists than on September 11, 2001, more market oriented and more supportive of Judeo-Christian values. Friends of America are quietly winning elections around the globe. The blackmail of al-Qaeda is failing.

Democracies, inevitably, will realize that appeasing global terrorism makes as little long term sense as appeasing Hitler or later trying to bribe Stalin with eighty million innocent souls in Eastern Europe. What the world needed was a leader, a Churchill, and he appeared in the form of a Texan who fumbled with words but not with deeds. Now the rest of the sane world is following. Shhhh! The good guys are winning.

Bruce Walker

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