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Author: Bruce Walker
Date:  September 20, 2006

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Islam as Sinisterism

Islam is not a religion in the way that Jews or Christians think of religion.  Moslems have supernatural beliefs but the Allah is not good or loving.  Allah is simply is the metaphysical equivalent of a mafia “Boss of Bosses.”

Islam is a theistic religion.  But I describe Islam as something other than a theistic religion in my book, Sinisterism: Secular Religion of the Lie.  Why?  Islam is not a religion in the way that Jews or Christians think of religion.  Moslems have supernatural beliefs but the Allah is not good or loving.  Allah is simply is the metaphysical equivalent of a mafia “Boss of Bosses.”  The Great Faith – the Judeo-Christian faith – preaches belief in a Blessed Creator who is loving, merciful and true.   

Islam is totalitarian like Bolshevism, Nazism, and Fascism.  In fact, Islam was specifically compared to both Nazism and Bolshevism at the time by commentators who experienced.  All of those wretched systems of faith seek to control every aspect of life, including conscience.  This is like the religion seventy years ago in Japan.  Japanese in the Second World War believed that anything which promoted the cause of Japan was good.  The first suicide bombers, Kamikaze pilots, were followers of a vicious secular religion.  The Japanese also had, quite literally, “Thought Police.”

Islam is sensual and materialistic, even if the sensuality and materialism is sometimes found in Heaven.  Moslems seek a Heavenly brothel.  Islam, before entering Heaven, allows robbery and theft, promiscuity which makes Las Vegas look puritanical and indolence.  Islam is Sinisterist in its cannibalism.  Moslems kill and torture other Moslems.  No one killed more Moslems than Timer the Lame, the greatest Moslem conqueror of all time.  He literally built pyramids of skulls for the many cities in which he methodically murdered all, or nearly all, the people who lived in these cities. 

Islam, like Fascism, Bolshevism and Nazism, preaches transitory alliances.  Just as Moslems murdering each other one day form an alliance to murder third parties another day, Nazis were allies of Fascists one day and then their enemies the next or Bolsheviks were allies of Nazis one day and their enemies the next.  It is not accidental that today Moslems work closely with North Korean Marxist atheists against Jews and Christians, who are peoples of the book.  It is no accident that the Arabs, whose ethnicity is most closely associated with Islam, have the expression “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

Islam specifically says that lying is good, provided that the lying is to advance Islam.  This does not just mean Islam against non-Moslems, but Islam against Moslems whose beliefs are considered wrong.  The willingness, even the eagerness, to lie makes Islam fundamentally different from religious which embrace ethical monotheism.  Judaism and Christianity consider lying wrong, with few exceptions.

What about the monotheism of Islam?  The monotheism is not ethical monotheism.  He is not a Blessed Creator but simply a Creator.  He is worshipped solely for his power.  Jews at a Pesach Seder dip their finger in the wine glass and then set a drop of wine aside to diminish the pleasure of drinking wine because it is a sin to rejoice in the suffering of others.  When the Sea of Reeds closed in on Pharaoh’s armies and the Israelites rejoiced, the Blessed One admonished them “Why are you joyful?  My children are dying.”  The God of Christianity so loved humanity that He entered the world, was tortured and murdered to save all sinners.  Allah is happy when “sinners” are trapped and condemned to Hell.

Islam, like Fascism, Bolshevism, Nazism and other forms of Sinisterism has a “party” to which members belong and belonging to the party is the difference between having rights and having no rights.  Although in Judaism Jews have a special place, that place is nearly always misunderstood:  Jews are supposed to set a moral example for the rest of humanity and to be merciful, just and righteous even when it is a disadvantage to Jews (the rights given to Eichmann during his trial in Israel is an excellent example of this.)  Indeed, Islam as about as close as one can find to a totalitarian political party like those found in Soviet Russia, Nazi Germany or Maoist China.  Islam is Sinisterism.

Islam passes every test for Sinisterism that I have laid out in my book.  Good Moslems are enjoined to have Jews, to hate Christians, to hate America and to hate Israel.  In this hatred and in this willingness to lie and to murder to gain power and domination, Moslems are no different than their fellow secular worshipers of the Lie:  Nazis, Bolsheviks and Fascists.  Their faith is not a faith in the sense that Jews or Christians would understand it.  Islam is rather another nasty ideology with its own scapegoats and its own irrational dogma.  Islam is simply Sinisterism.

Bruce Walker

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