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Author: Bruce Walker
Date:  November 6, 2006

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The Long Apology of John Kerry

John Kerry has shown us once again what arrogance combined with ignorance looks like.

John Kerry has shown, again, what arrogance combined with ignorance looks like.  His “apology” on November 1 was, of course, an ill-concealed lie which shows how little he truly respects the intelligence of the American people.  His slander and his subsequent lie should not end there.  Kerry meant what he said.  He, not America, is bogged down in a Vietnam Quagmire. 

Kerry the snob, who has never stopped talking about his “heroism” in Vietnam, presumably does not fall into the group of uneducated clods that he assumes are now fighting in Iraq.  Kerry was rich and educated at an Ivy League college. He volunteered to fight in a war which Kerry quickly described as a quagmire.  The enlisted men who were conscripted under Democrat presidents to serve beneath him – his servants and valets, as it were – constitute what Kerry imagines are the men and women serving today in Iraq. 

But does that mean that Senator McCain was also among the uneducated who wound up in Vietnam because they did not go to college?  Did he not also join the Navy and fight voluntarily against our nation’s enemies?  His lineage of military service, including a father who fought in the Pacific Theater of the Second World War, were not uneducated but rather patriotic, a virtue whose meaning and significance seems to continually elude the snooty Mr. Kerry.

What about those men who did not go to college – who in many cases left college – after Pearl Harbor, the last time that America suffered a 9-11 type attack?  These men were stuck in quagmires like Guadalcanal, Omaha Beach, Bastogne and Iwo Jima.  Some of these men came back after the war and went to college under the G.I. Bill (Kerry, wealthy and connected, did not have to earn the privilege of higher education by risking his life for America.)  Some of these men – many of these men – died without ever getting to go to college, not because they were dumb but because they were noble and brave.

When – if – Senator Kerry ever really apologizes to all the American soldiers, sailors and airmen he has defamed during his long, boring career built on his personal Vietnam Quagmire, perhaps he should also apologize to those who quit college and died on bloody Tarawa or at Anzio.  He should apologize to the conscripts who fought and died on the Korean peninsula, without whose sacrifice the empire of the monster, Kim Jong Il, would be twice as big and twice as threatening.  Many of these heroes served in the Second World War and then before they could finish college served in Korea. 

But the apology of this unapologetic prig does not end there.  He should apologize to those who obtained college degrees specifically because they chose to enlist in our all-volunteer military.   He should apologize to those many millions of Americans who do not luxuriate with ketchup money of their second wife’s widow’s estate, but who joined the military to better themselves. 

He should apologize to Richard Nixon, the Republican president who created the all-volunteer military so that no American would ever be forced against his will to fight in a foreign war again.  He should apologize for all the votes he has made against a high-tech military, which means not only that we need much fewer troops on the ground to fight wars but also that the troops in our military in Iraq now are much better educated in real world technology skills than Kerry or other Leftist dolts who inhabit academia.

Mr. Kerry needs to extend his apology – which will never come – even more.  He needs to apologize to all those brave men and women who are serving their nation in Afghanistan today, hunting for Osama bin Ladin, fighting and Taliban, and rotating in and out of Afghanistan just like American troops are rotated in and out of Iraq.  Unless Kerry the Opportunist now thinks that liberating Afghanistan was a mistake – despite the fact that even our European allies (those so fond of Kerry in 2004) have troops there for years – then his apology to American troops in Afghanistan should be particularly contrite.

John Kerry, pampered brat of the elite Left, will not ever really apologize for anything bad he has done.  But should, at some moment when he begins to realize his own mortality, Kerry urgently see the need to repent his sins and to apologize to those he has wronged, then the list of those offended would be very long. 

Bruce Walker

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