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Author: Bruce Walker
Date:  December 6, 2006

Topic category:  Other/General

Rage in Place of Reason

A recent incident at Columbia University, where Marxist white students gathered around Hispanic and black veterans and called them racists, highlights the value which Leftists place upon rage instead of reason.  This love of hatred is true of all those groups which are the miserable wretches of mankind.  This includes, of course, all who call themselves Leftists and this phenomena has since at least 1939, which Sir Arnold Lunn wrote:  “Of course, most of the younger dons are Reds,’ a distinguished Fellow of an Oxford College recently remarked to me.  ‘One takes that for granted, but what irritates me about these people is that they cannot discuss politics without losing their temper.  They are so emotional.’” 

About the same time, Lunacharsky, Soviet Minister of Education, said “We must know how to hate for only at this price can we conquer the universe.”  Note the office which Lunacharsky held:  Minister of Education, the man in charge of universities in a nation which prided itself on turning out huge numbers of engineers and scientists.  Yet what was his message?  “Hate.”

Nothing has changed.  Hate remains the clue that holds together that motley collection of monsters and nihilists which I have coined simply “Sinisterists” (because it includes not only the traditional Left, but those who are actually Leftists but pretend to be otherwise, like Fascists, Radical Moslems, Nazis, Imperial Japanese and so forth.)  The hatreds of Sinisterism must be irrational.  These hatreds must be as absurd as privileged white WASPS excoriating black and Hispanic veterans who joined a volunteer army.  If the hatreds of Sinisterism make sense, then those grievances could be remedied, which is the last thing Sinisterists want.

Those Marxist students at Columbia have no real complaints with life at all.  Born into the upper crust with the right racial and social pedigree in the richest and freest nation in history, their attitude should be profound gratitude.  They also know that.  But gratitude is a quality that exists only in a human heart capable of love, a heart happy for the gift of life, a heart living life with the spirit of hope. 

Those Marxists students, indeed all Sinisterists, are angry at life.  They rage against reason, which whispers in their ears that being alive in America is a blessing which should make that smile and be kind and courteous to everyone.  They rage against reason, which shows them that America is the only nation that has had a two hundred and fifty year immigration problem – everyone wants to live here.

No arguments will work because the very idea of reasoned argument and the very concept of objective truth are to these Marxist students and to all Sinisterists something like garlic and a crucifix to vampires.  Their hatred is most directed against the very idea that life has a great moral purpose and so they fill that gaping void with idiocies like Marxism, Women’s Studies, neo-colonialism, limitless environmentalism, racial reparations jihads, Deiphobia and Christophobia, savage and violent pacifism, and other campaigns against truth and decency.

In is not coincidence that this flourishes in the pampered playhouses of professors and their most slavish students.  These people ought to be the most grateful of all, and because of their inability to be grateful – especially to those who have blessed them, like the brave veterans at Columbia – they turn their gratitude into rage and their arguments are nothing more that verbal bludgeons like their predecessors, Storm Troopers, used against anyone who defied their hate with normal feelings.

I have asked in past columns and I ask again:  what is the purpose of college anymore?  Should taxpayers be subsidizing Nazi indoctrination camps?  Learning is not hard, if one is willing to learn.  The greatest Americans never went to university, and some never went to school (like Benjamin Franklin, the greatest polymath in American history.)  Students learn little, if anything, but hatred in many areas of study, and what, exactly, are they supposed to do with that hatred upon graduation?  They are doing what third world students, also “educated” in the sense of receiving the grand course of Sinisterism, did:  those unemployed, angry, bored college graduates turn upon their own people like spousal batterers upon their families.  Do we need this?  No. 

Why not end higher education and replace it with something that works (an idea that I have also mentioned more than once in the past.)  Our Institutions of Hatred Learning serve no purpose at all, unless our national purpose has become intellectual and spiritual suicide.  End them.  Replace them with something that works.  The young Red Oxford dons mentioned at the beginning of this article have children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren now.  They are immune to reason.  They live on rage.  Let them live without our support or approval.   

Bruce Walker

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