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Author: Bruce Walker
Date:  January 6, 2007

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Impeach Nifong

Mike Nifong has engaged in such incredible, almost Orwellian, misconduct in the Duke Lacrosse Rape Case that even feminists on the Left, who believe every allegation of rape is true and Democrats who will presumptively believe the word of any black witness against any white witness are quivering with quiet rage and also with fear.  Not only is the integrity of the criminal justice system in jeopardy, but prosecution – that tool used increasingly to punish the politically incorrect or politically inconvenient – is also increasingly viewed as a mockery.

Now – finally! – the North Carolina Bar Association and the North Carolina district attorneys are complaining about the ethics of this manifestly corrupt politician and are asking him to remove himself from the nonexistent case against the victims of the Duke Lacrosse team.  That will hardly solve the problem.  Nifong, if this is his first ethical run-in with the North Carolina Bar Association, may simply receive a public reprimand.  Nifong removing himself from the nonexistent criminal case also does not solve the fundamental problem:  Nifong would still be the district attorney until the next general election and could act just as maliciously, playing to constituencies which appear to love malice, in future cases.

There is a way to solve the problem of Nifong and at the same time deliver a stinging political blow to him and his party.  The North Carolina Constitution is provides for the impeachment of state officials. The North Carolina Constitution also provides which officials are local officials.  District attorneys are state officials, and not local officials.  Although North Carolina law specifically provides that governors, judges, magistrates and clerks can be impeached, it is silent or whether or not district attorneys can be impeached.  The implication surely is that all state officials in North Carolina who hold elective office are subject to impeachment.

North Carolina is a conservative state and the citizens of North Carolina are undoubtedly outraged by the shenanigans of Nifong.  Democrats control both houses of the North Carolina State Legislature, but not by huge margins (68 to 52 in the House and 31 to 19 in the Senate.)  Nifong, of course, is a Democrat.  North Carolina Republicans should introduce impeachment measures against Nifong and begin a grassroots efforts at the state legislative level to pressure conservative Democrats in the state legislature to support impeachment.

If Democrats refuse, then Republicans should make that the campaign issue in the gubernatorial and state legislative races in 2008, and they should also demand that Democrat candidates for president take a stand on this issue (start with John Edwards of North Carolina.)  If Democrats go along and impeach Nifong, then this can be an object example of how Democrat pandering to black and to women voters has led to a total corruption of the criminal justice system – and it will anger those traditional Democrat voters who believe that the criminal justice system should be used as a means of reparations justice, rather than individual justice.

What if Democrats, who currently control state government in North Carolina, balk and claim no power to do anything?  Well, Democrats in the North Carolina State Legislature can certainly pass a resolution of censure of Nifong and call upon him to resign.  That would have no legal effect, but great political effect.  If Democrats claim that they have left this egregious gap in the accountability of public officials, then Republicans should shout that this is a direct result of Democrats running state government in North Carolina for a century – and make that the rallying cry for giving Republicans control of the whole of state government in 2008.

Indeed, played right, the Republican demand to impeach Nifong should be enough to make Democrats the minority party after the 2008 election and also to embarrass the Democrat Party nationally.  This Dreyfus Affair, this Trial of the Scottsboro Boys, exposures just how despicably bigotry has invested the Left in America.  It ought, and it must, be used to show how the ordinary, innocent white male has become “the Jew” or the “darkie” or the “rapist” in American law – with all the legal disabilities commensurate with Nazi Germany or the Ku Klux Klan South. 

The place to begin this battle to recover the conscience of America should be on the floor of the North Carolina State Legislature and nothing less than the impeachment and removal of Mike Nifong should be acceptable.  Three decades of “all men are rapists” and “white people are our oppressors” and other lies must be laid before the hearts and souls of all Americans.  The moral answer is crystal clear.  It must have direct political consequences.

Bruce Walker

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