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Author: Bruce Walker
Date:  January 26, 2007

Topic category:  Other/General

Why Don't We All Become Democrats?

If everyone were a Democrat, who would the Left attack?

The predictable reaction of Democrats to the State of the Union address and the equally predictable second guessing of our Commander-in-Chief while the nation is in a war for its survival should make us ask this question:  what if President Bush was a Democrat?  Would Republicans rally around a Democrat President Bush?  Of course: Republicans did support President Johnson during the Vietnam War.  Why do Democrats oppose President Bush right now?  They oppose him simply because he is a Republican.

Which political party did George Washington belong to – the last time in which our nation was actually in a fight for its survival?  He did not belong to any political party.  In fact, to the extent that any of the Founding Fathers could have been said to have belonged to any political party, they all belonged to the same party, the Whigs.  Tories were the other political party in Great Britain and, of course, Tories were those opposed to the Revolutionary War. 

The very thing that the Founding Fathers feared most – political parties – has become most intense at the very time in which our security is most endangered.  One option to this dilemma might be to abolish all political parties, something that works in the Nebraska Legislature and in many large municipal governments.  But Democrats are not about to abandon their party label after having convinced blacks, Hispanics, single women and many other groups that Republicans are their mortal enemies.

So, how about this as an alternative:  why don’t we all just become Democrats?  In the South during the decades of Ku Klux Klan rule, Democrats kept in power by prohibiting blacks from belonging to the Democrat Party or, if they belonged to it, from voting in primaries or participating in caucuses.  If all Republicans became Democrats, then there is no device that could be used to keep these Republicans from exercising equal power to the old line Democrats.  Several states already allow crossover voting in primaries and all states allow all Democrats to have an equal voice in precinct meetings and primaries.

If everyone were a Democrat, who would the Left be able to attack?  They could not attack Republicans.  They could only attack other Democrats.  Elections would be decided in primaries, but if all Republicans were Democrats, then conservatives would win most primaries.  It is vital for conservatives to recall that sixty percent of the American people call themselves conservatives while only about thirty-five percent of the American people call themselves liberals.

It is also vital to recall that the Democratic Party is not any party of principles or values:  it is rather a gaggle of largely conflicting interest groups who unite only for the purpose of getting power.  Affirmative action pits women against blacks, blacks against Hispanics, and overachieving communities like Jews and Asians against all of the others.  The Democratic Party opposes tough law enforcement, but support rape-lynching monsters like Mike Nifong.  It protests that it stands for the protection of criminals and yet defends judges who give probation to child rapists.

Consequently, it would be relatively easy for Republicans turned Democrat to take over the Democratic Party.  Republicans are already roughly equal to the number of Democrats.  Republicans, to a much greater degree than Democrats, actually believe in principles like limited government, strong national defense, the rule of law, individual justice, equality before the law and the importance of God. 

Moreover, in many areas Republicans are more in line with some of the tribes of the Democratic Party today than the leaders of the party are.  For example, blacks and Hispanics tend to be much more religious than the elites of New England who run the Democrat Party.  The Republicans who became Democrats would constitute about half of the party.  It would be easy to form coalitions with other parts of this barbarian horde to gain control of the party – again, remembering that sixty percent of Americans call themselves conservatives.

Should we seriously do this?  Probably not.  Such a change en masse would be difficult if not impossible to accomplish.  But perhaps we should start seriously talking about it.  What would be the reaction of Democrat leaders if Republicans began asking the hypothetical question:  “If we all became Democrats, then could we – please – finally fix the problem of entitlements?  Could we united behind the Commander-in-Chief in our war for survival?  Could we drill for oil in American territory (maybe we should sweeten that by offering preference to black and Hispanic roughnecks.)  If we all became Democrats, could we begin to love and to work for America?”  It is a question which deserves an answer.

Bruce Walker

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