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Author: Bruce Walker
Date:  January 31, 2007

Topic category:  Other/General

Calling Governor Easley

The Duke Lacrosse Rape-Lynching should be dismissed with prejudice (without the ability of the state to refile) by Attorney General Roy Cooper with a criminal investigation launched against Mike Nifong at the same time.  But Roy Cooper is a Democrat, and the thought of angering black voters or feminist voters indifferent to “individual” justice may force him to go through the motions of evaluating the prosecutive merits of an obviously meritless case. 

Political pressure should be put on Roy Cooper to dismiss the case now, and the people of North Carolina should tell Cooper that his decision – or indecision – will play a crucial role in whether or not they vote to re-elect him in 2008.  This lynching of white boys must become a hot political issue in North Carolina and, indeed, nationally.

But regardless of whether Cooper folds to pressure or whiles away his time, Republicans should right now begin to focus national attention on North Carolina and its Democrat Governor Mike Easley.  Although Easley cannot pardon someone who has not yet been convicted of a crime, there is nothing to prevent him from announcing that whatever the verdict of a lynch mob in Nifong’s district, that he will grant the defendants in this “criminal” case an unqualified and absolute pardon of all offenses which they are deemed to have committed.

It should be hammered home – again and again – that the same political party who tried to judicially murder or imprison for life the Scottsboro Boys in the 1930s because they were black, is attempting to do the same thing in the same South with the Duke Boys because they are white.  It is the time for national pressure to be exerted on Governor Easley to insure that the judicial lynching, even if it occurs, is harmless.

Who should be calling Governor Easley to make this announcement?  How about DNC Chair Howard Dean?  How about Hillary Clinton, who pretends to want real justice for women and blacks, rather than collective justice for women and blacks?  How about John Edwards, a North Carolinian himself, a North Carolinian lawyer to boot – surely he knows what a surreal travesty of justice is being committed:  like this North Carolina politician and lawyer, who wants to be president, call on two statewide elected Democrats in North Carolina to do justice and end the nightmare of the Duke Boys.

How about Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi?  How about Al Gore, from neighboring Tennessee and himself a lawyer:  Gore could make amends for his racist father by standing against real racism in the lynching of the Duke Boys.  How about Bill Clinton?  He knows about rape and about molesting women.  As our first black president, blacks respect Clinton.  He could actually do some good by speaking as another Southern lawyer against the lynching of the Duke Boys.  How about that towering figure of nobility and sanctimoniousness, Jimmy Carter from neighboring Georgia?  Should not these prominent Democrats, many from the South, be speaking out against this lynching?

Perhaps they need a little nudge.  Perhaps Republicans in Congress should introduce a resolution finding that the lynching of the Duke Boys is a travesty of defendants because of their race which American has not seen since the dark days in which Democrats ruled the South like a feudal fiefdom.  Which Republicans would not sign on to such a resolution?  How would the Democrats respond?  Would someone call the Democrat Governor of North Carolina, who will be facing the voters (along with the Democrat Attorney General and the Democrat majorities in the state legislature) and ask them to do true justice for whites and for men? 

Republicans ought to.  Republicans ought to be screaming that a Democrat prosecutor in a state with a Democrat Attorney General and a Democrat Governor are lynching people again, just like in the bad old days.  The race of the victims of judicial lynching has changed, but the horror of it all has not.  Republicans, puttering around for something to do – do this:  make the Duke Boys a Republican cause, a Republican call for justice.

Bruce Walker

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