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Author: Bruce Walker
Date:  February 2, 2007

Topic category:  Other/General

Hanoi Jane and HaShoah

With Sinisterists like Hanoi Jane, it is not that she is so much ignorant – although she is profoundly ignorant – but that she is willfully and proudly ignorant.

Hanoi Jane, when she was followed by Fox News reporters attempting to have a civil dialogue with her, generally ignored them, living up to her status as the same little girl thirty-five years ago on the Dick Cavett Show could not answer a simple question about whether or not the French had supplied the American Revolutionaries with arms, troops, ships and supplies.  As always with Sinisterists like Hanoi Jane, it is not that she is so much ignorant – although she is profoundly ignorant – but that she is willfully and proudly ignorant.  Give Hanoi Jane Stalinism, Nazism, Maoism, American Leftism or any other totalitarian ideology, and that is all she needs to know.  Facts, to the extent that they enter her consciousness, fit into where they should:  square pegs into round holes, triangles into ovals, and so forth. 

Naturally these Sinisterists never want to have a serious and thoughtful discussion about anything because they are quite unnaturally unserious and thoughtless.  Thus, Hanoi Jane replies – personally or through a mouthpiece – that Bill O’Reilly “does not exist.”  Inconvenient people, like the four or five victim million victims of Hanoi Jane’s treason in Southeast Asia, also do not exist.  The most interesting comment (really, the only comment) by Hanoi Jane was that the cause of this Southeast Asian holocaust was because American troops fought in Vietnam.

Forget, for the moment, that the North Vietnamese had killed hundred of thousands of  their slaves before any American troops were in Vietnam and forget, for the moment, that millions of North Vietnamese escaped to South Vietnam before any American troops were in Vietnam.   Forget that the North Vietnamese were terrorizing, murdering and enslaving their own subjects long before American troops entered Vietnam.

What Hanoi Jane said about the three million victims of democide who died after the last American troops left Vietnam was something like this “I think it’s sorry so many people died because America sent troops to Vietnam.”  The people sadistically murdered by the millions in Communist Southeast Asia, particularly by the Communist Cambodians (or Khmer Rogue) were all killed after the Americans left.  The causality – in so far as Sinisterists believe in causality beyond their secular religious totalitarianism – was that sending American troops to fight the people who actually committed the holocaust caused the Cambodian holocaust.

So one must supposed that the cause of HaShoah was the transportation of millions of American fighting forces to Europe in our war to defeat Nazi Germany.  After all, the Wannsee Conference during which Reinhardt Heydrich developed the “Final Solution to the Jewish Question” was on January 20, 1942.  It occurred only after American military forces began to be sent to Europe to fight Hitler.  Until then, Jews had been murdered on the Eastern Front, put in ghettoes in Poland, but not systematically murdered by the millions.  Only after Wannsee did the Nazis decide on the wholesale extermination of Jews in Europe.  It must have been because American power was on its way to end the Sinisterist regime of the Nazis!

Actually, that is the way Hitler put it (and who would not belief Hitler, the Ho Chi Minh of Europe?)  He warned that if America entered the war against Germany, he would show no mercy on the Jews.  So Hanoi Jane must surely blame America, not radical Leftist Nazi Germany, for HaShoah, the extermination of six million innocent Jewish men, women and children.  She ought to be more open about this interesting position, particularly as genuine anti-Semitism rises around the world. 

While Hanoi Jane is at it, perhaps she should explain what the reaction of America should have been in December 1941?  Obviously, because our troops liberating concentration camps and death camps was the cause of HaShoah, America should not have sent Army, Navy and Army Air Corps forces to fight in that “European Civil War” which we call World War Two.  Fighting Sinisterism and related evils and, worse, defeating them, is the cause of all human misery, right Hanoi Jane?

But there was a problem with just declining to fight the Nazis in Europe in 1941.  Understanding the problem requires an understanding of something which Hanoi Jane, if she has heard of it, would know as “History.”  Although Japan began an undeclared war on America on December 7, 1941, America and Germany were not at war after Pearl Harbor.  It was Germany which three days later declared war on America and not vice versa.  Immediately, German U-Boats began sinking our merchant ships off the coast of America.  The only way to end our war with Sinisterist Nazi Germany would have been  for America would have been either to sue for peace with Nazi Germany or to surrender to Nazi Germany.   

“My country, may she always be wrong, but my countries enemies right or wrong.”  That is the mystical mantra of the pampered Sinisterists of America.  Even when Khmer Rogue are torturing millions of innocents to death because Americans have left, even when American troops liberating Jews from Hell, the mantra never changes.  Hanoi Jane and her totalitarians have no regrets, no apologies, no consciences and no souls.  What once passed for their consciences and souls have been crushed under the weight of their sins.  They are unrepentant Nazis who will soon enough stand before the celestial Nuremberg Court.  The questions asked before that court cannot be avoided by shutting the door of a limousine. 

Until then, since our enemies have declared war on us and not us on them, what should be our policy, Hanoi Jane?  Perhaps it should be surrender.  If it is surrender, then we will live under Sharia which would dramatically limit your right to own property, exercise equal rights with men (your betters, under Islam, whose prophet said that most of the inhabitants of Hell were women.)  Should it be surrender, then?  If so, then “Jannie get your burqa.”

Bruce Walker

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