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Author: Bruce Walker
Date:  February 6, 2007

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In Support of Global Warming

The world is undergoing a wonderful change, and we conservatives should stop trying to convince robotic Leftists that this change is natural – part of the cycle of our planet – and should instead begin to speak of the glorious future ahead.  Is the planet warming?  Yes!  It has been either cooling or warming in cycles for many millions of years.  Does mankind have anything to do with this?  No, but if Leftists want to believe it, then we should make the case that everything we can do to accelerate global warming should be done.

If the globe warms a few degrees, the benefits for mankind and for the environment will be enormous.  The earth’s population is increasing fast – not in the modern industrial nations and not so much in the demographic giants of China and India – but the population is growing fast in areas which are becoming overcrowded.

Global warming will largely solve the problem of inadequate space.  Canada, the second largest nation in the world, has enough land to house several entire nations if there were only enough warmth.  Russia, the largest nation in the world, has even more land which can be used for people – and the demographic trend of Russia is slow or declining, so Russia will not be filling up those open lands with Russians.  Global warming, and the unfreezing of these virgin lands will create an enormous amount of hope for billions of our planets peoples who are now trapped in poor, overcrowded and unproductive lands.

Huge areas of the world that are currently uninhabitable will become inhabitable.  The poor will be the beneficiaries, and they will not only gain materially but psychically from the pride of ownership of land.  The congestion of cities – one of the biggest social and health problems of our age – will end as people from crowded, nasty, ugly coastal cities move to open farmland and countryside, in touch with nature and living a free and independent life.

One of the most serious problems facing the growing population of the world is an adequate amount of freshwater.  Global warming is a tremendous boon to mankind (and to wildlife) in solving this problem:  seventy-five percent of the freshwater of our planet is now trapped in glaciers and ice caps, and our technology is insufficient to melt those.  Global warming, however, will do that in a slow, predictable way.  Pure, clean and abundant water – one of the most precious and essential resources of the healthy and happy lives of all people – we will soon have in increasingly happy amounts. 

In fact, we may have enough freshwater than desert areas currently uninhabitable may be able to bloom again.  How many problems in the Middle East would be solved if the deserts of Sahara, Arabia and elsewhere were blooming gardens of fruit, flora and grain?  How many people could leave the urban hotbeds of radical hatred and instead farm a plot of what had been the Saharan Desert on his own farm?

As the sea rises, some cities will have to rearrange their structures, but that is hardly a calamity.  Does anyone really believe that our coastal cities could not be made better and prettier?  In fact, the very “problem” of rising waters could lead to some of the best changes in our coastal urban areas.  New Orleans has long been below sea level.  Some of the most exquisite cities in history – Venice, Stockholm, Amsterdam – are built essentially on water.  Far from “destroying” New York or Los Angeles, a long term and well planned construction project to provide for the cities being above the waters can, if we simply wish it, turn ugly urban blight into beautiful cities filled with nature and natural “blue belts” replacing artificial “green belts.”

Warmth is energy.  Global warming will, quite naturally, increase the amount of alternative energy available to mankind.  The need for heating will decline.  The melting ice caps and glaciers will provide vast opportunities for centuries of hydroelectric power.  The radiant heat of the warmer earth will be able to be converted directly into useable power, and just when our technology is finding more and more effective ways to derive energy directly from heat.

The environment will be better as well.  The number of trees on earth will increase as the glacial areas of our planet recede.  Trees are natural purifiers of our air, and we will all breath cleaner and fresher area as global warming enriches our lives.  The water will become purer as well, because the water in the melting ice caps is much purer than our rivers and lakes today. 

What can we do to hurry these new edonic age?  We should begin by doing all in our meager power to help the planet warm.  Repeal all wrong-headed treaties, statutes and regulations which were intended to stop global warming and encourage that behavior which helps warm the planet.  Can any of us alone do much to make this happen?  Probably not.  But we owe it to the planet, to our children, and to the environment to do all we can to hasten global warming.  

Bruce Walker

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Bruce Walker has been a published author in print and in electronic media since 1990. He is a regular contributor to WebCommentary, Conservative Truth, American Daily, Enter Stage Right, Intellectual Conservative, NewsByUs and MenÕs News Daily. His first book, Sinisterism: Secular Religion of the Lie by Outskirts Press was published in January 2006.

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