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Author: Bruce Walker
Date:  February 27, 2007

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Some Films That Will Never Be at the Academy Awards

The Academy Awards, the Left’s perennial exercise in gushing self-congratulation, is blessedly over.  The ideological spitballs were not as prevalent this year (I am informed – I never watch Leftist slop), but even the awards by putatively conservative filmmakers like Clint Eastwood were for films like Letters from Iwo Jima, which put a “human face” on the behavior of the Japanese Army, whose inhumanity surpassed even the Waffen SS and the Red Army in the Second World War (yes, that misunderstood Heinrich Himmler!)

The nominations were predictably, Leftist.  The winners, including cartoon climatologist Albert Gore Jr., were equally predictably, equally dreary, equally infantile, equally Stalinist, equally inane.  The puffed, pompous plastic of the Academy Awards was always there, but the monotony of it was not.  What if filmmakers actually made interesting films again?  What if renegade filmmakers were really renegades, instead of addled sheep in a very ordinary herd?  As I have done in the past, here are some films you will never see produced, nominated or honored for anything.

Kolmya, the very real story of one of the hundreds of camps in that greatest of all concentration camp systems, the Gulag.  Steven Spielberg, who had the “courage” to write about HaShoah, a nightmare that all decent people in America had known about for half a century, lacks the moral guts or simple human decency to write about the one hundred million victims of Communism, thousands of whom will die today.  Kolmya was one of the worst of these places, in Arctic Siberia, and the very real stories of those who died there and in other places in the Gulag are documented by the greatest writer of our age, Alexander Solzhenitsyn.  Normal people might think that the greatest crime in modern history documented by the greatest writer alive might merit a full length film, but Hollywood is not inhabited by normal people; it is inhabited by Nazis, who glorify Castro (an admirer of Hitler and Mussolini.)  A film like Kolyma or a film about the Auschwitz that is North Korea might actually stop a Holocaust – but Hollywood has absolutely not interest in that. 

The Flat Earth, the very real story of how French and American pseudo-academicians quite deliberately lied in the early 1830s about what Medieval Christians thinkers believed to be the geometrical configuration of the Earth.  Without exception, all of these great thinkers before Columbus not only knew that the Earth was round, but they also knew that Columbus, as well as the Moslem and Jewish cosmologists of the day were wrong:  the Earth was significantly bigger than non-Christians thought.  For almost two centuries men as presumably bright as Daniel Boorstein, who wrote books about explorers, have ignorantly accepted this conscious slander of Christian scholarship.  The Flat Earth would also deal directly with climatology, which would be very different if the Earth were flat. That is a huge story in the history of human thought, but – of course – it exonerates Christianity and so must, according to the theology of Hollywood, be wrong (besides, Professor Gore may actually believe that the Earth is flat.)

Armenia: The Forgotten Holocaust.   This is really odd, even for Hollywood.  Almost a century ago, the very first holocaust, a holocaust directed against millions of people for no reason greater than their race and their religion, resulted in the systematic enslavement, rape, torture and murder of millions of people.  It has everything Hollywood needs:  intolerant bad guys, countless heart-wrenching stories, and it is topical.  Why?  Because the Armenians were killed because they were not Turkic or Arab and because they were Christians.  Wait … that assumes that in our war for survival Jews and Christians are the good guys and murderous Moslems are bad guys.  Of course Hollywood would never make a film like that!

Earl of Duke.  A documentary on the current rape-lynching of the Duke Lacrosse Team, arrested, imprisoned and charged for the offense of being white males (and probably Christians) in the realm of Mike Nifong, the Earl of Duke and inciter of lynch mobs, defender of perjury, advocate state sponsored persecution of members of a particular gender, pathological liar and all around nice guy.  Like Letters from Iwo Jima, this film could allow America to know the human side of Mike Nifong, although for that reason the film would have to be a very short documentary.

Hollywood has no independent minds.  Hollywood has no caring hearts.  Hollywood has not real conscience.  If you doubt that, think of all the films that it could make and that it could honor, but that it never, ever does.

Bruce Walker

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