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Author: Bruce Walker
Date:  March 2, 2007

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Ed Begley Jr.'s PhD

Apparently, however well informed Ed Begley Jr. is about global warming, he is totally unfamiliar with the new Ice Age in Academia.

Ed Begley Jr. and Mrs. Ed Begley Jr. appeared on Hannity and Combs recently and, after having hedged and hawed about condemning Al Gore Jr. using about as much energy as a small third world nation, Mr. Begley Jr. observed that global warming could be proved by doing research and checking on anyone with a PhD after his name. 

Apparently, however well informed Ed Begley Jr. is about global warming, he is totally unfamiliar with the new Ice Age in Academia.  The PhD after a professor’s name, essentially means that he has now accepted “Aryan science” with all its patent absurdities:  men and women are identical, except that women are better; this particular cooling of the Earth is unlike all the others because this one is man made; the human race cannot survive climatic changes, even though seven centuries ago a much more primitive and helpless humanity survived a major ice age just fine; homosexuality if normal in nature, although it precludes reproduction; Marxism works, although it hasn’t yet, etc.

The fact that someone has a PhD after his name almost absolutely insures that his opinions are hopelessly tainted with ideological bias and, to boot, that he lacks the moral courage to resist peer pressure, the sirens of tenure, the titles of nobility, and other perks which come from entering the hoary academic priesthood of Orthodox Leftism.  Rather than look at whether someone has a PhD after his name, why not look at objective historical data.

We have extensive written records about the conditions of the ice age out of which we are emerging (“Global Warming” being simply the ending of an ice age – it would be hard to end an ice age with global cooling.)  We have the historical unpredictability of weather and of geological events, like earthquakes, which change everything quickly.  (What would happen, for example, to Global Warming if the Earth experienced another giant volcano that produced snowfall in the summer, as has happened in the last two centuries, in otherwise temperate areas?  Would three consecutive bad winters do anything to challenge the rigid theology of Global Warming priests and priestesses?)

Finally, we have the dubious harm of Global Warming.  How odd that Leftist ecologists, who recognize that birth, procreation and death are part of the natural order of the animal kingdom believe that change in the climate of Earth is bad, rather than good.  Do these geniuses also believe that seasonable change is bad?  After all, I can predict that over the next several months one hemisphere of the Earth will become increasingly warm.

Is not change part of nature?  Is not the opposite of change stagnation?  So the PhD priests who have sold their soul for prestige, tenure and money now preach to us that petty man not only can make nature stagnant, but should make nature stagnant?  Why the fixation on stagnation among these and other Leftists?

The answer is easy.  The unelected nobility of Leftism was no change in climate for the same reasons that the unelected nobility of France in 1789 wanted no change in government.  Their privilege, their wealth, their status as “experts” must not change, or their lives would change.  They have no wish to face the middle class and the peasant classes; they wish, instead, to be their lords and masters. 

Ed Begley Jr. was the son of the Hollywood star.  Al Gore Jr. was the son of the bigot who played footsie with the Soviet Union.  These two juniors were born into privilege, into wealth, into status.  The last thing in the world they want is opportunity for the rest of us.  We might – indeed, we would – pass them by and it is this knowledge of their own inadequacies that makes them instead try to place every obstacle in our path.

They feel great by getting priestly castes with PhD (or Duke or Marquis or Earl or Count or Baron) after their name to confirm the special worthiness of these men who did not earn what they have in life.  Our Marxist universities purge the truth about Global Warming as ruthlessly as Stalin purged the truth about the science of Lysenko seventy years ago.  Millions starved because Stalin found Lysenko science convenient, and all botanist who opposed Lysenko wound up in the Gulag.  But the leaders of the Communist Party, just like the Hollywood elites, did starve.  They never do.  Their ancient motto for the ordinary man and woman tells it all:  the worse, the better.

Bruce Walker

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