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Author: Bruce Walker
Date:  March 25, 2007

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Minority Democracies

Something odd is happening to the democracies of the world.  Minority governments are becoming the rule and not the exception.  America is an excellent example of this.  President Bush and the Republicans won a majority in the 2004 elections, but lost the 2006 elections and his public approval rating is very low.  Yet President Bush continues to lead the American government and the plurality of political power (as Democrats in Congress are quickly learning) remains with Republicans at the federal level.

But America is hardly the only nation with a minority government.  Stephen Harper, the Prime Minister of Canada, is proving a popular leader.  His Conservative Party not only is the largest parliamentary party, but polls show that if an election was held today, the size of the Conservative plurality would rise (it would be the largest party by an even larger margin.)  Despite this, however, Harper and his party do not have a parliamentary majority at all.  Even more interestingly, all the opposition parties are on the Left.  If those parties on the Left could unite, then Harper would almost certainly lose the next general election.

When Tony Blair leaves office, he has the prerogative – and very well may exercise it – to call a general election (the Labour Party is deeply divided.)  If that happens, then Conservative Leader David Cameron, according to all polls, would win the general election fairly easily.  But the Conservative Party would win this landslide with only about forty percent of the vote.  Again, all the opposition would be to the Left. 

This is also true in Germany.  Angela Merkel and her Christian Democrat Party, according to polls, consistently has a much wider lead over the Social Democrats than they had in the general election which brought Merkel into power.  Yet even when the traditional coalition partner of the Christian Democrats, the Free Democrat Party, is added into the numbers (and the FDP, while not Leftist, this is less conservative than the Christian Democrats), these two parties are outnumbered by parties to the Left.

The situation is almost identical to that in France, where Nicholas Sarkozy, the pro-American French politician, easily leads all other candidates in the presidential race and also leads his nearest rival in the runoff.  Yet if he wins the runoff and becomes President of France, it will be with all the rest of France to the Left of him. 

Calderon, the most conservative president that Mexico has had in a century, nevertheless is outnumbered on the Left by the PRI and other parties which are much more anti-American and pro-socialist in orientation.  As is true in France, the presidency in Mexico is a very powerful position, so Calderon and Sarkozy will both be able to really run their nations, but it will be as minorities of the united Right.

The government of Italy has collapsed:  the Leftist Prime Minister has quit.  Polls show the past governing party of the Right winning a strong plurality in any general election (and it is impossible to see how there cannot be a general election), but this plurality will still be a minority government, outnumbered by the parties of the Left. 

So what is going on?  Except for America, where sixty percent of the electorate consistently defines itself as conservative or very conservative, nearly every democracy has become vaguely Leftist.  The odious welfare state, the cynical deconstruction of Judeo-Christian faith, the silent envy of non-Americans, the apathy about life evident in very low birth rates – all these have done their damage.

But because the Left is utterly indifferent to principles – Leftists do not believe in anything at all but power – and because there is a finite amount of power to be divided and because dividing the spoils of plunder involves fighting over each share, the Left cannot “agree” on anything except hating America, hating Israel, hating Jews and hating Christians (this phenomena is noted in my book, Sinisterism: Secular Religion of the Lie.)

So Leftists in Canada do not really want the Leftist Quebec separatists to leave Canada, because that might allow Alberta (very conservative and rich in oil) to leave and also because it could leave a genuine conservative majority in the rest of Canada.  So Leftists in France can no more unite now than they could in 1934, when the Right in France was virtually nonexistent, because these gangsters could not agree about how to dividing up the loot of government. 

This is the silver lining for those of us who are called the “Right,” but who are actually nothing more than people loving freedom, peace, and truth.  We know what we want, and it is not political power as our private treasure.  This has been the case since the beginning of the United States.  There is no real evidence that a majority of Americans wanted independence.  A large number of Americans were Tories and most simply wanted to be left alone.  Those who wanted independence and freedom, however, knew just what they wanted and, like our brave soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, they were willing to fight and to die for it.

So we should not despair when polls show so many people smugly apathetic or even sullen and ungrateful.  It has always been so.  Those who believe in something are those who change the world.  Any military leader in history would tell you that morale is ten times more important than numbers.  Morale in politics comes from faith in the goodness of your cause.  No one on the Left truly believes in anything.  The rest of us, the good guys, do.  That is why we will win.  

Bruce Walker

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