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Author: Bruce Walker
Date:  April 9, 2007

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Good News and French Jews

The Jerusalem Post had a very interesting poll, the results of which were published on April 4, 2007.  Thirty percent of Jewish parents in France are now sending their children to Catholic parochial schools, compared to only twenty-seven percent who send their children to Jewish private schools and thirty-seven percent who send their children to public schools.  This indicates a dramatic shift in the trust that French Jews have in Christians. 

It is very late in the game, historically, for the Jewish people to view Christians as friends and not enemies, but however late in the game, it is very good news for both Jews and Christians.  As I demonstrate exhaustively in my book, Sinisterism: Secular Religion of the Lie, it is simply not true historically that Christians have systematically persecuted Jews.  In my book, pointedly, I cite Jewish historians to make my points and debunk the myth of relentless and systematic persecution.

Dislike, distrust and even hatred of Jews certainly has been part of the history of the relationship of Christians towards Jews, but that dislike, distrust and even hatred has also been reciprocated by Jews toward Christians.  These competing animosities, however, have been the exception and not the rule historically. 

Even more interestingly for those who believe in the myth of Christian hatred of Jews is that devout Christians have been the greatest defenders of Jews.  The Catholic Church, for example, risked the lives of its bishops and archbishops to godless, crazy mobs to protect Jews during the odious Rhineland massacres one thousand years ago.  Oliver Cromwell, the great Puritan leader, ended the expulsion of Jews from England – an expulsion that was ordered by a cynical and irreligious English King. 

During the Holocaust, as I document again and again in my book, the only people who stayed in Germany, defied the Nazis, and tried to save the Jews were the Christians of Germany.  No one during those dark days of Germany doubted this fact.  Jewish historians and professors in America at the time wrote in books and in textbooks that the only people defying the Nazis were Christians and that Christians who did this were sent to concentration camps even before Jews, Gypsies and homosexuals. 

It is vital to the survival of the Jewish people and to the survival of Israel that the Jewish people stop believing the lies of the Left, which is the mortal enemy of both Christians and Jews, and begin to realize that a united front of Christians and Jews against our common enemies is the only chance for survival.  The Left or “Sinisterists” as I have called them, because many people crazily believe that Nazis were on the nonexistent “Right” or that Fascists (who hated Nazis) were also on the nonexistent “Right,” would welcome another Shoah.  Christians and conservatives would die to prevent such a genocide, just as they did more than sixty years ago.

French Jews have learned that they can trust only Christians, just as Christians should learn that they can trust only Jews.  That is good news.  But there is a political, as well as a religious, component to the good news from French Jews.  Five years ago,  French Jews five years overwhelmingly described themselves as “Leftist,” while only nineteen percent of French Jews considered themselves “Rightist.”  Today fifty-three percent of French Jews consider themselves as “Rightist,” while only twenty-nine percent of French Jews consider themselves “Leftist.” 

About time!  Judaism, true Judaism and not the chic pseudo-Judaism all too common today, is the noble and magnificent beginning of the Jewish-Christian tradition.  It has always been conservative.  The embrace by Jews of the Left, which has always and will always hate Jews, has been one of the most self-destructive and surreal phenomena in modern history.  Almost every principle of modern conservatism comes directly out of Judaism:  individual justice, modesty, studiousness, work, marital fidelity and so forth.  When the Left, even Leftist Jews, condemn the “religious Right” (i.e. conservative Christians) for their stands on issues like homosexuality, pornography and the sanctity of marriage, these Leftists are attacking Judaism, the source of these values which Christians later adopted.

In my last article I wrote about how this year Pesach and Holy Week coincide.  Perhaps it is also the year in which real Jews – Jews who actually believe in Judaism and the moral heritage of the Jewish people – will see who their true friends are and will embrace us as friends, not enemies.  The hours are short.  The world is full of men whose true name is “Haman” or “Hitler,” and unless Jews and Christians stand together, these men will do their awful work again.    

Bruce Walker

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