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Author: Bruce Walker
Date:  April 21, 2007

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Hopping Harry and the Supreme Skirts

Harry Reid is hopping mad.  He has publicly stated, more than once, that “I am pro-life.”  He voted to ban partial birth abortion, that most offensive and hideous type of abortion (prenatal infanticide.)  The bill to ban partial birth abortion that he voted for passed Congress.  The President signed it into law. 

Unless Harry was venal scoundrel, and he assures us that he is not, then the Senator from Nevada would not have voted for a bill that he thought was unconstitutional.  His oath of office as a United States Senator requires that he uphold and defend the Constitution.  Voting to violate the Constitution is not upholding and defending it.

Unless Harry is a craven flack, and he assures us that he is not, then the Senator from Nevada would not have voted for a bill that he thought was a bad idea, even if he thought it was constitutional.  Contrary to Washington mythology, there is no imperative to vote for bad legislation simply to “do something.” 

So, to quote a whimsical Alfred Hitchcock film “What’s the Matter with Harry?”  Why is Hopping Harry so upset?  The answer is easy.  Mommy did not help him out of his mischief this time.  The Supreme Skirts, the nine old women (well, at least five were stout and noble fellows this time), have always been counted on to bail out two-faced congressmen and senators who, hand at their forehead in feigned grief, say “If only there was something I could do!”

Hopping Harry thinks that burning the American flag is bad, awful, there ought to be a law…but of course in America, Congress no longer makes laws, the Supreme Skirts do.  So Harry votes for something called a “law,” never dreaming that the Supreme Skirts would actually empower him, as a federal legislator, to legislate.

Hopping Harry thinks that children should be able to read the Ten Commandments in school. He would even vote for a law like that, but it would be a meaningless act, because the Supreme Skirts would simply overrule Congress and enact their own, superior federal law. 

Hopping Harry is mad because the fig leaf that separated what Washingtonians like Harry think and what Nevadans think has been blown away.  The Supreme Skirts have said, in effect, that the legislative branch of the federal government may legislate again.  Or it could come to something as dangerous as that.

Hopping Harry can see the longtime dangers.  What if people starting wanting pornography taken off the public (i.e. the people’s) airwaves?  What if people starting saying they want laws which provide that Muhammad al-Jihad may be rigorously searched in airports while Granny Goldberg is allowed to pass through security without her privacy invaded?  What if Congress was asked by the people not to allow tax dollars to be used to create “art” that is profane or obscene or to pay the salary of professors which courses like “Why Amerika is worse than Nazi Germany”?

Where would it all end?  Decent people with common sense might start demanding that federal legislators protect them and their children from evil.  The Supreme Skirts are like the other institutions intended to thwart public sentiment in a democratic republic.  Colleges these days turn out Leftist storm troopers.  “Advocacy” groups for tree-huggers keep us dependent upon Middle-Eastern Holocaust deniers instead of safe nuclear power (thank you, this one time, France.)  The ACLU plays “Whack a Mole” every time the idea of a Blessed Creator or objective truth is mentioned.  Ultimately, though, these people depend upon the Supreme Skirts. 

Once the Supreme Skirts says that democratically elected representatives in a representative democracy can override the bitter, angry anti-American and anti-Theistic antics of the spoiled brats of the Left, then the pressure on Congress to actually do the will of the people and to actually do good may become almost unstoppable (except in Vermont, were apparently the people are fine with child molesters.)

So Hopping Harry is hopping mad.  He went to Washington to get power, to be a nabob, to be chic (well, as chic as Harry Reid can be.)  Now, thanks to the “Radical Right,” Hopping Harry may have to actually represent the good people of Nevada.  Oh, the humanity!

Bruce Walker

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