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Author: Bruce Walker
Date:  June 23, 2007

Topic category:  Other/General

Eco-Terrorism and Slain Heroes

Recently spoiled brat “environmentalists” were charged under federal terrorism statutes for having burned down an automobile dealership.  These criminals have been committing this sort of destruction for years.  Their equally bad family members solemnly tell the accommodating media that their arsonist relatives were not really “terrorists” but rather wonderful people trying to save us from global warming, upsetting the delicate balance of nature, and similar infantile and self-obsessed excuses for crime.

Is it fair to characterize these felons as “terrorists”?  After all, they were not trying to murder people.  They, presumably, believed that they believed that there motives were “noble.”  No one was actually hurt.  These felons were not scheming to blow up the Brooklyn Bridge or JFK Airport.  So, again, was it unfair to charge these felons as terrorists?  Yes, the charges were just, righteous and appropriate.  These creeps are terrorists and they should be treated as terrorists.

The owner of the Hummer dealership now has to look over his shoulder all the time.  He has had to install security systems, not just at his business but at his home.  He has to worry about what might happen to his children, who had nothing to do with his business.  He was terrorized.  That was the intention of this act of terrorism, to terrorize.  The fact that these terrorists intend to terrorize only particular types of individual, like the Ku Klux Klan intended to terrorize blacks, does not make the terrorism any less terrorism.  Movements like ELF (Earth Liberation Movement) talk and act very much like the old PLO, which considered human beings as inconveniences to a pure life of like al-Qaeda who atheistic Allahism also regards human beings a mere canon fodder.

These terrorists could well have murdered people.  They had no way of knowing if the building was completely uninhabited.  They had no way of knowing what path their arson might have flowed.  How fire behaves is a highly technical subject and the dynamics of fire so complex that society goes to extraordinary lengths to insure that accidental fires are controllable.  These terrorists could easily have murdered hundreds or even thousands of people, if the fire raged out of control.  Terrorist attacks by eco-terrorists have burned windows out of apartments and frightened thousands over the last decade.

When people behave like terrorists, it greatly complicates the ability of law enforcement to protect us from other terrorists.  One of the big problems in Iraq right now is that there are multiple groups of terrorists murdering Iraqis and American troops.  The more people behave like terrorists in America, the more likely that other terrorists will be able to commit their acts of murder and mayhem in America.  The creation of criminal confusion makes us all less safe.

At a time when law-abiding Americans jump through countless hoops to begin pass the gates of the secure areas at airports, at a time when even joking about terrorism in an airport is criminalized, at a time when citizens are required to pass through security guards and x-ray machines, and do innumerable other inconveniences and worse for us to be safe, environmental terrorists like those charged, ignoring all the rules of this war on terrorism makes one a terrorist.

When these so-called “eco-terrorists,” who are indigenous terrorists are viewed as largely “innocent” by many Americans, these terrorists create an opportunity for other radical Moslem terrorists, those terrorists who want to make us dead, to conceal their activities.  What if, for example, another automobile dealership is terrorized in a way calculated to create real harm to millions.  How will we be able to distinguish eco-terrorists from other terrorists?  We cannot.

Finally, the fires that these terrorists start must be put out.  The people who put those fires out, as the surviving firemen of Charleston, South Carolina can attest, place their lives on the line.  The terrorists who started fires in California put our real protectors, the true martyrs for our safety, firemen, in exactly the same danger that the dead firemen of South Carolina sacrificed their lives to protect in furniture factory a few days ago.  Terrorists are terrorists.  Slain heroes are slain heroes.  Throw the former into prison and recognize them for what they are.  Honor the memory of the latter and thank God that we have men who put our lives above their arrogance and recklessness.  And let us never confuse the two.

Bruce Walker

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