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Author: Bruce Walker
Date:  June 24, 2007

Topic category:  Other/General

Paris Hillary

Two women are very much in the news these days.  Both have a great deal in common, although it may not appear so at first.  For the sake of convenience, and to make my point, I were refer to these women as one and I will give this binary female a name, Paris Hillary.

What are the characteristics of Paris Hillary?  She does not consider herself accountable to the law.  The rules of conduct that govern ordinary men and women simply do not apply to her.  Paris Hillary only allows herself to be surrounded by fawning protectors and fans, she does not have the slightest notion or the slightest concern about what other people feel or think.

Paris Hillary has a big problem with the truth.  She regards it as a major obstacle to her getting her way, which is the only thing important in her life.  The members of her family facilitate this problem with truth which has led to Paris Hillary leading a life divorced from any sort of reality.  It does not matter if her mendacity-challenged lifestyle threatens the safety of others, Paris Hillary uses words and promises just like credit cards, only credit cards that she never intends to pay.

Also Paris Hillary has no sense of what people once called “decency.”  If family members are having affairs, that does not bother her.  If she can exploit the blessings God has given her for pleasure and power, great.  Morality, in general, does not bother her.  Paris Hillary considers that she transcends morality.

Paris Hillary luxuriates in celebrity.  She must be the center of attention.  The world is filled with two types of people - “little people” and her.  She controls the environment she is in so that Paris Hillary never has to face the grim realities of life, like the rest of us. Paris Hillary has no problem getting on the cover of magazines or in the news, no matter how silly or unimportant her words or deeds.  Paris Hillary defines importance and it is always self-importance.

Ironically, Paris Hillary has never actually accomplished anything in her life.  Her power and her publicity are entirely sponged off her family.  Without her family, Paris Hillary is a nebbish, a nothing.  But she shamelessly uses her family and her family, equally shamelessly, panders to her gross exploitation of them.

Paris Hillary has only the faintest grasp of geography.  There is New York and Washington and there is Hollywood and then there is some vague thing between those three points called America.  It does not count for anything. 

Finally, Paris Hillary is a symptom and a carrier of all the soul-destroying diseases that are eating away at the heart and the mind of our nation, still the world’s last best hope.  The more I see and hear about Paris Hillary, the sicker I feel.  That is why anytime the television or the internet or any other media, entertainment or information outlet notes the existence of Paris Hillary, I turn away, I tell my friends and family to turn away, and I seek instead all that is still noble and good and worthy in our land. 

Paris Hillary lives for worship as some sort of goddess.  When we worship at the altar of false and pagan deities like Paris Hillary, then that worship can come only come at the expense of our worship of the only true God.  When we worship at the altar of these false and pagan deities, then we create more idols for our society to worship instead of God.  If we all do not do that, then pathetic creatures like Paris Hillary will flourish and multiply.  The only way to deal with Paris Hillary is to pretend that she does not exist, because in any moral sense, she does not.  Paris Hillary is a sinful woman in need of redemption, not a goddess in need of worship.

Bruce Walker

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