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Author: Bruce Walker
Date:  July 11, 2007

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Beware of Leftists Bearing Gifts Redux
Suddenly NARAL has decided that it does not want conservatives nominating a pro-choice candidate.

When Leftists try to "help" conservatives determine who is really conservative and who is a phony conservative, we need to take their "advice" with a huge grain of salt.

A few weeks ago I wrote an article entitled “Beware of Leftists Bearing Gifts of Advice.” Now, during the last few days, the Leftist media is agog with stories about how Fred Thompson is not really pro-life. The title of one such article reads almost exactly like this: pro-choice group accuses Thompson of lobbying for pro-choice cause in early 1990s. If you ever feel the need to have your intelligence gratuitously insulted, watch CNN or read the New York Times or engage in some similar act of moral masochism. If pro-choice groups really believe that Fred Thompson is not pro-life, would not they want him to be the Republican front-runner? Is not their determination to tear down his campaign by poisoning his relationship with social conservatives proof that they know that Fred Thompson is, in fact, pro-life? Consider the evidence about how Thompson stands on abortion. When he ran for the Senate in 1994, the National Right to Life Committee, an infinitely more reliable source about who is truly pro-life than the Leftist media, studied his public and private statements and concluded that he was pro-life. During his term in the Senate, Fred Thompson consistently voted pro-life. These publicly cast votes which are ranked by both pro-abortion and anti-abortion groups as “key votes” mean much more that what Leftists want to insinuate Fred Thompson actually believed. Since entering the Senate, two salient events occurred in his personal life. First, his beloved daughter died which is a tragedy that would cause any decent, good parent (as Thompson is) to review again how precious life is, particularly the life of your child. Second, Thompson got the opportunity to see the very much alive unborn humans in his wife’s womb before his two young children were born. That, also, is something that would cause a morally serious person to review the whole question of abortion and “viable fetal mass.” Finally, Thompson, who has a reputation for great integrity, has publicly stated that his position on abortion has changed over the years. His words, his votes, and the events in his life all support that proposition. Fred Thompson was against abortion in 1994 and he is much more strongly against abortion in 2007. Good people are likely to change their position on abortion by moving from ambivalence (based on the Leftist propaganda that abortion is a constitutional right, that it does not hurt the mother, that the child is not a child, and so on) and toward opposition to abortion. An excellent example of this is Bernard Nathanson, one of the founders of NARAL and a doctor who at one time may have performed more abortions than anyone in America. His agonizing book, The Hand of God, describes the cynicism, the lying, the sadism, and the amorality of the abortionists’ movement. Nathanson, who once led this group, became repelled, disgusted and then horrified by so-called “pro-choice” advocates. Anyone who reads his book will know that people, even people who start out as champions of pre-natal infanticide, change if their heart and their souls are open to truth. Yet the Left is trying to “help” us poor, ignorant social conservatives again. The Left is trying to protect us from “phony” conservatives like Fred Thompson. Why? Is it because they want Republicans to nominate real social conservatives (like Giuliani, Romney and McCain)? No: the Left, having spent generations reflexively lying to us about everything under the sun, having tried to sabotage every effort to bring conservative government to America, having twenty-seven years ago tagged the last conservative Republican candidate as “too old, too conservative, and too dumb,” now wants us to believe that Fred Thompson, our next Ronald Reagan, is not really pro-life. How touching! How nice to know that the same people who describe us as hicks from the sticks, as yahoos of Flyover Country, are in Washington, New York and the Left Coast looking out for our interests! If there is one thing we should know, it is that these same Leftists who would leave us defenseless against terrorists and betray our troops in Iraq are not looking out for our interests, in any way, shape or form. Trust Fred; ignore our Leftist “friends.”

Bruce Walker

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