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Author: Bruce Walker
Date:  September 11, 2007

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Not Osama bin Ladin but Osama bin Sinisterist.
The evil we face in Iraq is identical to the evil we face in Congress and in the Daily Kos and in Afghanistan.

There is no difference - no difference at all - between Tom Lantos and Osama bin Ladin, even though one is a Holocaust survivor and the other is a Holocaust denier. There is no difference - no difference at all - between radical feminists like Hillary and brutal murderers and abusers of women like the Taliban (or degraders of women like Larry Flynt.) Why do all these presumably opposite ideologies have so much in common? They all are Sinisterists. They all hate real Jews (as opposed to JINOs), real Christians (as opposed to CINOs), America and Israel. They hate the notion of a transcendently moral life - what, in history, more exemplifies that than our brave men missing limbs returning to combat? - and the foundation of transcendently moral life: true Christians, true Jews, America, and Israel. Find anyone who hates all those four, and you have found people who embrace nihilism and evil.

What we call “Islamo-Fascism” or “radical Islam” is really nothing of the sort, as Osama bin Ladin’s latest video clearly shows. For those who missed this bit in his pitch for our surrender, Osama called for us to “liberate yourselves from the deception, shackles and attrition of the capitalist system” and he more or less stated that big corporations really ran America. This “religious” leader also clearly sided with what Bill O’Reilly calls “secular progressives” against religious Americans. Moreover, it seems like Osama bin Ladin is taking his talking points directly from the Left in America: “The reeling of many of you under the burden of interest-related debts, insane taxes and real-estate mortgages, global warming and its woes, and the abject poverty and tragic hunger in Africa -- all of this is but one side of the grim face of this global system." Global warming? Since when is that an issue of importance to Muslim radicals? Poverty in Africa? That is largely the direct consequence of Moslem oppression and mayhem in Africa. What gives? Since when did al-Qaeda care are economic ideology? Since when did it see corporate conspiracies in American society? Since when did he care, like Leftists in America and like Adolph Hitler, care about the environment? The leading terrorist on earth sounded remarkably like a sophomoric Marxist-Leninist. He sounded like Howard Dean. He sounded like the ultimate disciple of Marx: Adolph Hitler. Osama bin Ladin is not a “radical Muslin” or an “Islamo-Fascist.” He is a Sinisterist. The rich, spoiled child of Saudi billionaires is just like the rich, spoiled children of American millionaires and billionaires, who almost always take the same positions. Bin Ladin is precisely a Bolshevik, a Fascist, a Nazi or any other devotee of the any of the other odious “isms” that hate America, hate Israel, hate Jews and hate Christians are not sort of the same: none of these ghouls believe in anything, especially a Blessed Creator. All of them believe in the antithesis of “faith, hope and charity,” which is to say all believe – if one may call the hatred of belief a “belief” – in “mendacity, despair and hatred.” Osama bin Ladin is really Osama bin Sinisterist. I pointed this out in my original book on the subject, Sinisterism: Secular Religion of the Lie, that Nazis, Bolsheviks and Fascists were not just similar: they were identical. In my new book, Sinisterism: Secular Religion of the Lie (Revised and Updated Edition), I expand that definition of Sinisterism to include the pseudo-religion of radical Islam, as well as the equally horrific Sinisterism of the Left in America. Sinisterism is nothing more or less than a mask used by horrible people to seize power, to torment, to enslave and – most of all – to destroy the Judeo-Christian traditions and faith. Bin Ladin wants nothing more or less than that. Terrorist groups in America like al-Gore and his Global Warming Jihad want nothing more or less than that too. Among other things, this requires that bin Ladin embrace the same socialist redistribution of wealth that Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin and Benito Mussolini did (all extensively documented in my book.) It also means that bin Ladin embrace the socialist redistribution of wealth incorporated in Article 26, Article 27, Article 32, Article 36 and Article 40 of the Baathist Party Constitution. It means that bin Ladin must embrace the “Islamic Socialism” of Libya’s de facto Duce, Quadifi, as outlined in his Green Book (an imitation of the Red Book of Mao Tse Tung.) This is also the reason why, almost from the beginning of the Soviet Union, Islam (outside of the Soviet Union) was not viewed as a religion, like Christianity or Judaism, but rather a revolutionary ideology, and why the Soviets rushed to enter into diplomatic relations in the 1920s with the new state of Yemen, whose rulers were required to be descendents of Mohammed (Sayyid) or why Maoist China also had no qualms about recognizing that formally Islamic government. These Sinisterists –Bolsheviks and Maoists – saw in radical Islam a life hating misology identical in all important respects to their own. Radical Muslims became Communists and then again radical Muslims with monotonous regularity, despite the fact that Communism is militantly atheistic. Why? Because what we call “Islamo-Fascism” or “radical Islam” has never been a religion of anything: it is a nihilistic and destructive system that believes, really, in nothing; it is Sinisterism. What was true for Sinisterists like Stalin and Mao was also true for Sinisterists like Hitler and Mussolini. When Mussolini invaded Ethiopia in the 1930s, for example, part of his stated goal was to “liberate” Muslims trapped in the Christian kingdom of Ethiopia. He was offered by Muslims and accepted from them the title “Defender of Islam.” Fascism, like Marxism, saw in Islam a sibling nihilistic movement and not a religion. Nazi leaders spoke openly of a “spiritual-ideological link” between Nazism and Islam, and Muslims not only volunteered for combat Waffen SS units, but also ran some of the most awful (and overlooked) Nazi concentration camps in the Balkans. But wait a minute…the Nazis were anti-Semitic, correct? And these pro-Nazi Muslims were Semitic. So what about the centerpiece of Nazism, its racism? And how could Muslims openly support Nazis, who denied both Christianity and Judaism and who did not have a prophetic book (so were lower than Christians or Jews in Moslem law) to murder Christians and Jews? It did not matter to the Nazis if Semites helped them, provided they did not have Judeo-Christian faith and morals, and it did not matter to radical Muslims if they helped atheists over People of a Book, like Christians and Jews, despite the fact that the Koran clearly says that Jews and Christians are superior to atheists. It did not matter because, like Osama bin Ladin, like Kim Jong Il, like Saddam Hussein, like Adolph Hitler, like Mao Tse Tung, like all the other monsters in the world who live in order to hate Jews, Christians, America and Israel, believe in nothing but Sinisterism, the Secular Religion of the Lie. What is true outside of America and of Israel is true inside America and Israel. There are plenty of American Sinisterists who hate America, hate Israel, hate Christians and hate Jews. There are plenty of Israeli Sinisterists who nurture exactly the same hatreds. That is the battle today. That is why defeatist groups in America and in Israel, whether CINO (Christians in Name Only) or JINO (Jews in Name Only) actually seek the destruction of their faith and their homeland. That is why Jewish members of Congress who are JINOs can compromise the very survival of Israel – without a second thought and without consultation with that bothersome thing called “conscience” – which would be result of a Holocaust-denying leader with nuclear weapons controlling Iraq. These JINOs – Waxman, Wexler, Whatever, Nadler, Nebish et al. – betray their people, their faith, their nation of America and their nation of Israel – without the losing a moments sleep. Shoah and its pending repetition mean nothing to these nothings. Their loyalties are to the destructive of all moral and all transcendent values and then to a life guided by their lust for lucre and power. And these contemptible creatures never spent a moment suffering from a pogrom or in a camp. They grew up privileged and fat in America, doted on often as if they carried some special moral weight. Even Holocaust survivors like Lantos show that being a victim of evil has no connection with being a champion of good. Would he have willingly be a guard in a death camp, if the Nazis were not anti-Jewish? Would he have willing been a guard in a Gulag death camp under a JINO mega-murderer like Lazar Kaganovich, if just given the chance? Is there the slightest evidence that surviving Shoah has made Lantos good? No. That is why only two nations in the world – America and Israel – actually seem seriously interested and morally committed to defeating the evil of Sinisterism which the whole population of our planet is confronting. here is a common enemy of good Jews, good Christians, good Americans and good Israelis and the spectacle of outright treason in Congress and in the mainstream media and in academia shows that there is a kindred and special hatred which runs from Harvard to Havana and from Kabul to the Daily Kos. All of these sworn enemies of a morally purposeful life are interchangeable parts in that most odious coven of malice in human history: Sinisterism: Secular Religion of the Lie. So Osama bin Sinisterist makes common cause with Congressman Lantos – does no one wonder why? So Osama bin Sinisterist champions that arch-atheist Karl Marx – does no one wonder why? Why does one suspect that Osama bin Sinisterist would be passing notes under the table to Hillary, one the executioner of women, the promoter of spousal abuse, the rapist of young girls, and misongynist terrorist and the other a “radical feminist” who laughed with Bill at how his savage rape of Juanita Broadrick cost him no popularity points. Do you see the common element? It is an unfashionable old world which both the Gipper and President Bush resurrected. What Osama bin Sinisterist and Hillary, defender of violent rapists, have in common is not just an indifference to truth, but a hatred of truth. That blends perfectly with a hatred of Jews (JINOs excepted, of course), Christians (CINOs excepted, of course), Americans, Israelis and God. Nancy Pelosi could sit down with a mass murderer and child torturer like Assad because, essentially, they believed in the same things: a hatred of Judeo-Christianity and a deadly embrace of Sinisterism.

Bruce Walker

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