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Author: Bruce Walker
Date:  September 19, 2007

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The Dangerous Cocktail of Global Sinisterism.
What does al-Gore, al-Qaeda, Harry Reid, Hamas, American academia, Al-Jazerra, Hillary, and Hitler have in common? Everything.

Sinisterism, that noxious stew of hatred toward the American Dream, the miracle of Israel, the blessing of Christianity, and the covenant of the Jewish people, has everything in common with its constituent parts (whatever masks they wear or names they call themselves) and nothing to do with God, hope or human happiness.

Several recent articles, especially one by Caroline Glick in the Jerusalem Post one by Victor Davis Hanson posted on FrontPage, reinforce a theme that I have been making for several years in articles, in a book, and now in the second edition of that book, Sinisterism: Secular Religion of the Lie (Revised and Updated Edition.) What is that critical point? We are not fighting “Isalmo-Fascism” in our global war for survival any more than we are fighting “secular progressives” in our national battle for the survival of America as America. The battle we fight today is not “somewhat like” the battles that we fought at Normandy and across the Pacific sixty and seventy years ago. The battle is not “somewhat like” the battle that we have been fighting to preserve Judeo-Christian values within our nation for the last seventy years. These battles, which are inextricably linked, are exactly the same battles – whether fought on battlefields or in college classrooms by totalitarians living off our dime. What we are facing, what we have been facing and fighting through the hot war of Hitler and the Cold War of the Soviet Evil Empire and the war we fight today within and without our nation, is a war against that nihilist, hateful and single enemy of Sinisterism. It is vital that we understand our enemy, because he goes by different names. Once he called himself a Nazi or a Bolshevik or a Fascist – each of which were identical movements obsessed solely with power and seeking power only to hurt – and now he calls himself (or herself) an defender of Earth against Global Warming or a professor insisting that his students (slaves) write letters and papers attacking the nemesis of Sinisterism or a jihadist trying to murder Israelis or a slave of Kim Jong Il sending nuclear material to Syria (the topic of the recent article by Caroline Glick.) Sinisterists are not united by any common good. They are united by common hatreds. Consider this test and see if it fits for the really rotten people who are fighting us with every means at their hands today. Do they hate Jews? (Do they defend Palestinians and excuse homicide bombers?) Do they hate Christians and either murder them in foreign lands or harass them at every moment in American cultural life? Do they hate Israel and engage in such outrages as academic boycotts of Israel and divestment of assets in Israel? Do they hate America or at least always blame America first? How many people, whether considered on the mythical and nonexistent “Far Right” or whether on the Far Left, how many really nasty evil people, pass that test with flying colors? All our enemies. Why, I would ask Caroline Glickman, does she suppose that the decades long relationship between Syria, Iran, and North Korea, which she so ably chronicles, exist? The are no Moslems in North Korea. The rulers of Syria are Alawites, who are considered heretics by both Sunni and Shia, and the Baathist Party is secular, not religious. Why, in the world, should North Korea embrace anti-Semitism and hatred of Israel? There are no Jews in North Korea either. But those four great forces in human affairs – Christians, the Jewish people, Israel and America – stand, because of whom they are, not because of what they have done, as absolute mortal enemies of all Sinisterists everywhere. What offends Sinisterists is that the Jewish people have survived. What offends Sinisterists is that Christians believe in Christ and have survived their own many holocausts. What offends Sinisterists is that Israel thrives as the only free, democracy which honors the rule of law. What offends Sinisterists is that America is the only nation which, as Fred Thompson has said, has spent more blood and treasure liberating people than any nation in history. This is appreciated by ordinary people. The success of American troops in making genuine friends in Anwar Province, also something recently presented at RealClearPolitics in a moving montage of photos and personal stories, shows precisely how people liberated not only from the violence of Sinisterism but also from its second evil, the lying of Sinisterism, react. Normal people, unlike Sinisterists, want to raise their children in safety, live their lives in peace, and enjoy a reasonable measure of honest work, harmless recreation, and philosophical reflection. That is why people have come to America by the millions for a longer period of time than any other nation in human history. Sinisterists, like Al-Qaeda in Iraq, although nominal Moslems theoretically supporting their co-religionists (Sunni, at that) against the infidel invaders, lost the battle of Ramadi when Americans drove them out and when these Sunni discovered that Americans, overwhelmingly infused with Judeo-Christian values of compassion, charity and justice, were not the enemy that they had been warned about for decades but rather the true friend which they had never known existed. The cocktail of Sinisterism has many masked fighters. Sometimes the mask they wear are tenured university professors who try to indoctrinate or, in the alternative, drive out all non-totalitarian thought from our useless, nazified universities. Sometimes the mask they wear is a “journalist” for the New Your Times or a “commentator” from MSNBC. Sometimes the mask they is a real mask of an al-Qaida who tortures children and bombs marketplaces. Sometimes the mask they wear is a “liberator” from Yankee Imperialism, closing private schools in Venezuela. But that cocktail is global and it is the same in what it wants, whether in the hideouts of Afghanistan or in the Hollywood Awards ceremonies. It wants us dead, either physically or spiritually. It was the gift of America, the blessing of Christianity, the covenant of the Jewish people and the miracle of Israel taken away from the human race, so that other normal people can live their lives just like the meaningless, empty, desperate lives of global Sinisterists, who only faith is in lies.

Bruce Walker

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