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Author: Bruce Walker
Date:  October 19, 2007

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Crosby, Stalinist, Nazi and Young - the aging anti-American rock group.
David Crosby and Graham Nash, the slanderers of our soldiers, are the perfect example of what I have called in my new book, simply "Sinisterists."

The ridiculous and offensive appearance of geriatric rock singers David Crosby and Graham Nash, who described our brave soldiers protecting women and children from terrorist attacks as goons killing women and children demonstrates just how Orwellian the Left has become. Crosby and Nash have gotten everything, in the past and in the present, wrong. They opposed the Vietnam War and oppose it still. That was morally and intellectually wrong. The premise that the Vietnam War was unwinnable is utterly false. Civilians – politicians – rather than military officers “conducted” the war. That meant pulling our four Iowa class battleships, each of which could reach with new pinpoint accuracy with devastating salvoes eighty-five percent of North Vietnam was ruled out. What worked in capturing islands in the Pacific Theater was rejected outright in identical terrain. The air war was always limited and was suspended by LBJ, to swing a presidential election, in 1968 and remained suspended for nearly four years. The mining of Haiphong Harbor, which risked no American lives, was likewise ruled out. The premise that the Vietnam War was immoral is equally absurd. The Republic of Korea was invaded by the North Vietnamese. Our nation, like France and Britain, was obliged under the SEATO Treaty to defend our ally. We did. They did not. The North Vietnamese were brutal totalitarians from whom a million Vietnamese had fled to the south before the Vietnam War began. They could and did commit genocide after the war was over. Crosby and Nash were just as wrong about Vietnam as they are about Iraq, but that does not bother them a bit. They are just like Stalinists and just like Nazis, those creatures who deliberately lie and who seek over power and human misery. They all part of that vast conspiracy of evil which I have described in my new book, Sinisterism: Secular Religion of the Lie (Revised and Updated) as Sinisterists. Those two are no more repentant of their evil than Allan Alda or Mike Farrell are repentant for the evils of MASH. There can be no doubt today that the people mocked in MASH, the anti-communists who believed that fighting the North Koreans was a noble endeavor, were both intellectually and morally right. Kim Jong Il and his royal father Kim Il Sung represent some of the most brutal totalitarian tyrants in modern history. South Korea, by contrast, is a free, prosperous democracy. I recently read again The Red Decade by Eugene Lyons. This masterpiece was publicized on the very day that Nazi Germany invaded the Soviet Union. Until that day, communists in America and in Britain were joined hand-in-hand with Nazis, Japanese imperialists, Fascists and Phallangists in America and in Britain, all of whom were telling the world that the Second World War was a war by “imperialist” Britain. Communist parties agitated to keep ROTC off college campuses, to prevent universities from doing any military research, to call wildcat strikes at armaments and munitions factories, to write songs condemning FDR for being a “warmonger” because of his support for Churchill and Britain, and organizing peace vigils. Communists said nothing bad about Hitler and American communists said that Fascism (by which they really meant Nazism) was the next logical stage from capitalism to Marxism (i.e. that Fascism was better than capitalism.) After Hitler invaded the Soviet Union, everything changed. Now Hitler was a monster, Fascism (meaning both Fascism and Nazism) was horrible, and America should do everything to win the war. How could tens of thousands of Americans completely switch from one side to the other? Because people like Crosby and Nash did not believe in anything at all really, except being member of Orwell’s infamous Inner Party. They have rendered themselves incapable of independent thought and they did that long ago, when they opposed on moral grounds (not on practical grounds) fighting murderous totalitarians in Southeast Asia and opposed on moral groups honoring our treaty obligations to the people of South Vietnam. They are, precisely, the Nazis and Communists of 1939, who went overnight from calling each other mortal enemies to calling each other bosom buddies. The Party, the Sinisterist Party of America, governs their mouths, their minds, their bodies and their souls.

Bruce Walker

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