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Author: Sher Zieve
Date:  January 3, 2006

Topic category:  Other/General

ACLU Moving Further to the Left…If That’s Even Possible

The “American Civil Liberties Union” (alternately called the American Communist Liberties Union, Anti-Christian Liberties Union, All CAIR [Council of American Islam Relations]-terrorist Liberties Union and Anti-Constitutional Liberties Union) has come up with yet another way to disrupt the American culture. It has decided to provide north St. Louis residents with video-cams, so that they can tape police activities. How long it will be until this new plague spreads to your city? A very short time, I’ll wager.

Not satisfied with its ongoing anti-President Bush campaigns (the group took out a full-page Ad in the “we-hate-Bush-all-the-time” NY Times that blasted the president), the ACLU has already come out against any and all probes into who leaked information to the Times’ staff , in regards to formerly top-secret national security information. In fact, the ACLU is veritably furious that the Justice Department has the audacity to actually investigate treacherous behaviors. How dare the Justice Department work toward protecting the country? In a press release, ACLU Executive Director Anthony D. Romero stated: “President Bush broke the law and lied to the American people when he unilaterally authorized secret wiretaps of U.S. citizens. But rather than focus on this constitutional crisis, Attorney General Gonzales is cracking down on critics of his friend and boss. Our nation is strengthened, not weakened, by those whistleblowers who are courageous enough to speak out on violations of the law!”

In other words, according to the ACLU President Bush has no right to protect the United States (the question of NSA intercepts of terrorist phone calls—regarding legal v illegal—appears to have an equal number of legal scholars on both sides of the debate), but allowing and condoning treason (as long as it also hurts any Republican-president) is “okay” with the ACLU. Besides, Romero told us that leaking national security information is a good thing—as long as it “gets Bush”. In fact, any far-Left agenda is acceptable to the ACLU—as long as it promotes its cause toward the destruction of the USA.

The ACLU has come out in favor of illegal alien immigration and “open borders” (see: [“Illegal”] Immigrants' Rights Project (IRP) of 1987), pronounced support of terrorists’ rights (RE: A filed amicus curiae brief in favor of terrorist-suspect Jose Padilla and other efforts that side with additional terrorist suspects) and has now decided to utilize its deep-pocket leftist clout by monitoring local police.

Note: Of interest is that the ACLU fights the president in his attempts to monitor terrorists (via calling it “illegal”) but, views its pronouncement to monitor US city police as its inherent “right”. This appears to be yet another example of one of our leftist “legal” institutions deciding to make up laws as it goes along.

The leftist-partisan and patently anti-American ACLU appears to be gaining more clout each day. The ACLU’s pockets are so deep with monetary funding from leftist groups and individuals who support their “undermine-the-US” agenda that cities, counties and states are cowed by it. Thus far, all the ACLU has needed to do is threaten to sue over Christian symbols being displayed on public property and these municipalities immediately (if not sooner) comply. Do you wonder how long it will be until some atheist decides that he or she is offended by Christian symbols on private property? All we have to do is wait. It’s coming. And now the ACLU is placing every block it knows how to place, to ensure that police departments bow to their will. They had better not be fighting crime! The ACLU, activist leftist judiciary and their supporters are bound and determined to take over the country and create their own version of a totalitarian state. And, to top it off, the ACLU is still partnering with CAIR—the group that was formerly known as the “Islamic Association of Palestine”, which was created by senior Hamas terrorist figure Mousa Mohammed Abu Marzook.

With a few notable exceptions, the Left cannot seem to convince American voters to elect it to office. So, its members partner with any group that will assist them in pushing their radical anti-democratic agenda. This is precisely what the ACLU is doing. However, what it fails to see—due to its obsessive hatred of the president, Christianity and all other traditional American values—is that as soon as it has helped the Islamo-fascists contingents reach their goals, there will be no further need for the ACLU. Hatred completely blinds people to reality.

If the ACLU can destroy Christianity (when have you heard of it complaining about Islam?) and force our police departments to bend to its will, its members believe they will have created the state they want—one devoid of God and run by their police. What they fail to see is that their Islamic partner—much like the old tale of the frog riding the crocodile to the other side of the lake—will eat them before they can ever totally achieve their objectives. The problem is that, the rest of us may be eaten too.

When Orwell wrote 1984, he was right. He just got the year wrong. And, my leftist friends, this attempted societal takeover toward destruction is not coming from the Right. It’s coming from you and your ACLU.




Sher Zieve

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