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Author: Sher Zieve
Date:  January 27, 2006

Topic category:  Other/General

Dem Mice Continue to Fight for Cheese and Other Odd Realities

As the Senate Judiciary Committee Dems wrapped up Judge Alito’s inquisition last week, one could almost hear the squeaky wheel turning in Sen. Kennedy’s head and forming a metallic sounding word that resembled “filibuster”. Personally, I find it amazing that the Senator still has a squeaky wheel left.

The two Massachusetts Brothers of Boredom—Senators Kennedy and Kerry—have decided to mount the ‘good Democrat fight’ and attempt to stop the Senate confirmation vote for the exceedingly qualified Judge Samuel Alito to the highest court in the land. Why? Because, Judge Alito might actually follow the US Constitution—instead of interpreting it to fit his own ideology. Note: For those of you who were indoctrinated within the leftist public school system, the US Constitution is one of the 2 documents upon which the United States of America was founded—the other is the Declaration of Independence.

Another germane reason that die-hard leftist Dems refuse to vote for Alito and want to stop his confirmation is that he’s not an ultra-liberal Ruth Ginsberg and may not prove to be a turn-coat like Justice Souter. Democrats do not believe that a Republican president (especially President Bush) has the ‘right’ to nominate a candidate who is even slightly to the right of the most liberal SCOTUS Justice. Unless, of course, it’s their poster-judge Justice Sandra Day O’Conner. Note: In the beginning, Democrats didn’t like Justice O’Connor either. But, as O’Connor continued to support Roe v Wade, the Dems current and only recent voiced issue, she proved useful and beneficial to them.

As of Thursday, Kennedy still says that he and a handful of other ardent leftists will not place a timetable on ending the Senate floor Alito debate. Dutifully, Kerry continues to follow the senior senator’s lead. And like mice, the 2 Massachusetts Senators are continuing their rodent-like scurrying around the Senate, looking for any and all scraps of cheese, in an attempt to put together their filibuster. They won’t succeed. Members of their own party seem to have had enough of these shenanigans. Amazingly even Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid said, in commenting on the Alito confirmation: "There's been adequate time for people to debate."

Then, we have the inane (and increasingly unpopular with the public I might add) penchant of the Dems, and leftists in general, to attempt to tie President Bush’s hands toward fighting terrorism and the enemies of the US. Just as terrorist-Hamas is elected to lead the Palestinian Parliament (areas ceded to it by Israel—which Hamas has vowed to destroy), Iran’s president says he will “wipe Israel from the map” and the Iraqis and Afghanis continue to fight for their freedom, the Democrats (and—of course—their legal network the ACLU) fights for the rights of terrorists; by working to stop, limit or destroy (with Dems it’s always difficult to know where they will eventually land on an issue) the NSA terrorist communications’ intercept program. So, Dems demand that the president protect the country but, as usual, don’t want him to have the tools to do so. Note: This latest Dem pettiness, which places the US in additional jeopardy, is analogous to the Dems’ demands that President Bush make the US more energy-independent but, refuse to vote for any programs (anyone remember ANWR?) that would allow him to do it.

Those who continue to call the NSA intercept program “domestic spying” are of course lying (or to be charitable—perhaps patently wrong) but, they persist in doing so anyway. The program is to monitor foreign terrorists and terrorist supporters who want and/or are planning to do additional extreme harm to the US and its people. So, instead of supporting these actions, the Dems want to impeach President Bush for fighting to protect the country and the ACLU sues the NSA for conducting a program to identify, monitor and stop America’s enemies from following through with their plans. Note: The ACLU seems to continue to sue for “terrorist rights” at every conceivable opportunity. Is this communist-inspired organization really protecting the US? Of course not.

So, as the Democrats continue to move further and further to the left, while touting their one and apparently only belief and agenda—killing the unborn is a “good thing”—they (thankfully) become more irrelevant. And, that really IS a good thing. However, it is a shame and a tragedy that we no longer have a viable 2-Party system.

It truly has come down to supporting and voting for anarchy, chaos and lack of ideas vs. sanity. It really is just that simple.

Sher Zieve

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