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Author: Sher Zieve
Date:  February 12, 2006

Topic category:  Other/General

Muslims Call for War...Didn’t They Already Do That?

I guess 9/11/2001 wasn’t an Act of War to much of the general Muslim population. Because, they are now (over a series of unflattering cartoons directed at their prophet Muhammad) calling for “war against the vile Western nations” and threatening to “burn the ground underneath their feet!” As far as my friends and colleagues and I are concerned, we’re already at war with what has been called the Islamo-fascist element of Muslim societies. But, now it appears that much of the rest of Islam has decided to join their terrorist brethren.

I was already convinced that radical factions of Islam were attempting to provoke the US into war at the original bombings of the World Trade center in 1993 and the 1996 Kobar Towers bombings. The attack on the USS Cole in 2000 also had me pretty convinced that Islamic nations were not trying to say: “Have a nice day”. But, after 9/11, we actually began to fight back. I think that was what upset Islam the most. We did something about it and it wasn’t prepared. During the other three attacks, all the Clinton administration did was say ‘Tsk-tsk…you did a bad thing and we don’t like it…not one bit!’ Then, it tried to assemble some legal team (probably from the ACLU which now fights for terrorists) to bring the terrorists up on criminal charges. Note: This was an example of “Democrats don’t even understand the concept of terrorism”.

The Muslim attackers weren’t ready for President George W. Bush who essentially said “We’re comin’ to get you!” They thought he would be a paper tiger…like Mr. Clinton. He wasn’t and isn’t. We did go after them and we’re still coming.

Now, the Muslim-run portion of the world is revving up the masses with “cartoons” that were published 6 months ago—in a Danish independent newspaper. Muslim imams ensured there would be riots by recently taking the cartoons to Muslim countries, along with some that were never published and were, apparently, manufactured by the imams or their followers. After over a week of the usual Muslim-rioting-over-anything-and-everything, Iran President Ahmadinejad is rattling his sabers and letting us know that he is itching for war with the United States—and probably Europe. Ahmadinejad said recently: “You [Western nations] will never be able to stand against the Muslims! They [Western nations again] have stood against the resurrection movement of Islam. They think that they can undermine the world nations’ faith in Islam with desecration of Islamic sanctities. But, the Muslim nations will give them a good lesson!” Iran has also announced it is “officially” restarting its nuclear research. As it already has a complex virtually identical to the Pakistani nuclear weapons facility, one can only speculate if Iran ever stopped its “research”. My bet is that it already has nuclear weapons in place.

Imams in Iran and Syria have been quoted as screaming for “war against the West”. Rioters carrying banners stating “Butcher those who insult Islam”, “Death to Britain”, “Death to Denmark”, “Freedom is Hypocrisy” and “Death to the US” are saying: “We are willing to sacrifice our lives for the Prophet Mohammad.” It seems that all it takes to render many Muslims into a furious mass of angst and hatred is some wild-eyed imam who tells them to do it.

We have a situation on our hands that won’t be solved by any diplomacy, folks. Iran has already refused diplomatic overtures. Instead, it seems that it actually wants and welcomes an all-out war with the West. Its president has already said it is his intention to impose Islam on the world. Do we have a choice? Yes. But, our only choice is to fight—or not to fight and, therefore, be taken over by a group of madmen bent on forcibly applying Islam and Shari’a law over the entire Earth. Sorry, but that’s it. Again, we are faced with a fight or die situation. And our enemy does not appear that it will accept “No” as an answer. Is there any hope? Of course. But, only those who know the end of the story have it.

Sher Zieve

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