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Author: Sher Zieve
Date:  March 2, 2006

Topic category:  Other/General

The Destruction of an American Generation

Today, an Aurora, Colorado Overland Park high school teacher, Jay Bennish, was caught on tape and, subsequently, suspended for making ‘controversial anti-US’ comments. The suspension is said to be “temporary”. Some of the comments Bennish made to his captive class of students included that the US is the “single most violent nation on planet earth” and that it is a “quote unquote democracy”.

Note: The “quote unquote” comment was, undoubtedly, meant to disparage and diminish the US as a democracy. Although, I doubt that Bennish is even remotely aware of the fact that the United States of America’s governmental form is that of a “representative Republic”.

Bennish went on to spew his “facts” that capitalism is “at odds with human rights”, President Bush’s January State of the Union address included “things that Adolph Hitler used to say” and Israel is a “Zionist state”. He’s not only anti-US, anti-President-Bush and a pro-Marxist proponent but, he also appears to be anti-Semitic. Bennish, however, claims to be a Rostofarian—one of the “Ganga (marijuana) is good for you” crowd. Bennish also questioned that Hamas is a terrorist group, when he responded to a statement by one of his students (also on the 20-minute tape) that Hamas is a terrorist group. Bennish asked the student: “Who is defining what is a terrorist?”

The school Superintendent Monte Moses refused to chastise Bennish for his statements and, instead, made the politically correct and appeasing comments: “Our policy calls for both sides to be present, in the interest of intellectual discourse. People in life make mistakes occasionally. We address them. We learn from them.”

This is just the latest expressed insanity of the “Ward-Churchill brand of indoctrination” plaguing Colorado and other states. The leftist-indoctrinators (AKA “educators” or “teachers”) are no longer relegated to college campuses but, are now inculcating our children at the high school and even middle and grammar school levels with their brand of communist appeasement propaganda. On the flip side, we’ve already seen, in myriad ACLU lawsuits, that teaching from a US patriotic standpoint or (horror of horrors!) even deigning to bring up the concept of Intelligent Design (in “polite conversation”) is forbidden.

A stern warning to parents: If you do not become immediately involved in what is occurring with the education of you children, there will soon be another generation of adults who have both no concept as to what America is really about and will practice anarchy against the US. These kids are also being raised to fight everything America stands for and to offer up no resistance, whatsoever, to the enemies of our country. In fact, these “teachers” are programming their students to believe that the enemies of the US are their “friends” and that the US, itself, is the enemy. Is this what you want? If not, GET INVOLVED! Tell those who allow these contemptible behaviors to continue that they are not only unacceptable but, that you will refuse to send your children to school unless the indoctrinators either stop their brainwashing or are removed from classrooms.

Premiere Nikita Khrushchev of the former Communist Soviet Socialist “Republic” said: “We will destroy you from within!” If parents do nothing, it will become a reality. And there is another enemy of freedom who is now saying much the same thing—radical Islam. If our children are being taught to believe that the barbarians are their friends, the kids will be easier for this enemy to destroy and, ultimately, result in a murdered or converted-to-Islam generation. Remember, your children are now being raised to embrace appeasement and hate their own country. If you don’t intercede—and now—this will be yours and our entire legacy.

The end of the US’ beliefs and way of life is closer than it has ever been. Parents’ immediate involvement and participation in their children’s education is essential.

Sher Zieve

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