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Author: Sher Zieve
Date:  March 28, 2006

Topic category:  Other/General

The United States of Mexico

Instead of even considering legal immigration, millions of illegals continue to flood the United States of America each and every year. Considering the comments from many of the Mexican demonstrators, who are railing against and conducting en masse demonstrations designed to stop the US from passing any legislation that would protect its borders and stop the waves of illegals that are straining US healthcare and other services, they don’t see any reason to become “legal”. Note: Over a million people become naturalized US citizens each year.

One of the men protesting Saturday in Los Angeles (carrying a Mexican flag) against the US’ plan to secure its borders said that the economy was “very bad” in Mexico, so the United States must provide jobs for all of those Mexicans who want to work. Savvy to the fact that the United States no longer enforces any laws against illegal immigrants, the protestors are now more than comfortable that the INS (Immigration and Naturalization Service) is a joke. So, they have not only come “out of the shadows” but, carrying Mexican flags they march and demonstrate for their “rights”.

Note: Rights for illegal immigrants do not appear in the US Constitution. But, as our elected representatives (and most certainly our increasingly leftist judiciary) have no desire to disagree with those who have destroyed our borders “we the people” who are actually legal citizens are left with no representation—whatsoever. It appears that only those carrying flags from their country (not the United States) are being represented by the US government.

Now, even elected and school officials encourage high-school students to leave their classes and march in true communist style to the increasing chants of “The United States of Mexico!” As American kids have become indoctrinated by their leftist teachers to the message “the US is bad and its enemies are good”, the teacher-encouraged classroom walk-outs to join the protesting proletariat increase. Note: Considering the leftists’ rewriting of US history, in order to push negative concepts of America and positive ones about America’s foes, the walk-outs to join the adversaries of the United States were inevitable.

Although the vast majority of legal American citizens are demanding that their representatives stop the flow of illegals, our elected officials are turning deaf ears to US citizens and voters. They simply don’t care. As the leftist mainstream media cover the illegals’ demonstrations and tell the lawmakers to be “compassionate”, the United States citizenry and the country are left to fend for themselves. These are officials that “we the people” elected, folks. And they’re neither paying attention to us nor the laws of the country! Democrats AND Republicans are now representing those who want to destroy the country and many of these are now carrying Mexican—not US—flags.

If the GOP doesn’t step up and work for legal US citizens from all cultural backgrounds (and actually show us that they’re pro-American), Republicans can kiss their reelections goodbye. Without a real and sovereign country, there will be no more USA. We can then forget “Mexifornia” and say “Welcome to the United States of Mexico—or, more precisely, “Bienvenidos”.



Sher Zieve

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