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Author: Sher Zieve
Date:  March 31, 2006

Topic category:  Other/General

No Borders-No Country

It really is a pretty simple concept to understand. Without viable, recognizable and protected borders, a country will not and cannot maintain its sovereignty or its very “being” as a country. Said country will not survive. But, that is what the majority of US Senators, both Democrat and Republican, are now pushing.

Both US political party Senators are laying down the law to the American people—the ones who are legal citizens. Their message is: “You will accept illegals!” The McCain-Kennedy bill provides a “path toward citizenship” for those already in the US illegally. We are told “it’s not amnesty”. But, it is. “Republican” Senator Arlen Specter tells us repeatedly that this proposal and the changes the Senate is making to water-down the approved US House of Representatives’ immigration bill (the one with real “teeth”) will not include amnesty for illegals. But, it does. Specter is also against the US building any sort of obstacle (AKA “fence”) at our Southern border, to prevent illegals (which also include terrorists) from entering. The Republican Senators are now using a tactic from the Democrats ‘bag-o’-tricks”: “Tell the lie long enough and speak it loudly enough and the stupid ‘we-the-people’ will believe it.”

In fact, there are few-to-no US Senators who seem have the guts to speak out on this issue for US citizens—that’s legal US citizens. Only the illegal entrants are being heard and considered. One only need watch the videos of the recent pro-illegal alien protests in Los Angeles last weekend, to understand what is occurring. Mexican flags were carried en masse by illegal immigrants to the US and their supporters. Radical MEChA is still calling for the “reconquering” of the US Southwest for Mexico and the Mexica Movement is screaming for the entire North American continent. Leftist teacher and school administrator-inspired student walk-outs are being affected on an almost daily basis, now, to support the radical elements’ pro-illegal protests.

Note: I have been warning parents about this leftist student-indoctrination for years.

So, let’s take a real and honest look at what’s happening to the almost-former USA. Protestors want to take it for Mexico and Latinos. But, leftist-indoctrination doesn’t stop there. In the true spirit of “political correctness”, we the people are also being told that we must understand the terrorists, who have also vowed to destroy us. And with the US Senate’s (and even President Bush’s) stance on allowing illegals to enter our country—virtually unstopped—they are making the terrorists job a lot easier. A Quinnipiac poll shows that 57% of US citizens surveyed believe that the illegal immigrant situation is a serious problem. Other polls show this figure to be substantially higher. Director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute Maurice Carroll commented: “People think this is a horrible problem, and they are not being very friendly to illegal immigrants.”

As we are now perceiving with our own eyes and ears, our elected Senators are no longer listening to American citizens. Instead, we are being forced to accept “globalism” in its most virulent form and, apparently, Mexican President Vicente Fox is now calling the shots for the US. And this is the man who exports his impoverished people to the US because he can’t—or won’t—correct the problems within his own country! Will we also be forced to accept the violent Mexican drug cartels, just over our “do-not-enforce” Border Region in Texas?

This current and present danger to our country has nothing to do with being compassionate to illegal entrants, folks. It’s about our survival.


Sher Zieve

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