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Author: Sher Zieve
Date:  April 3, 2006

Topic category:  Other/General

It’s Not About Immigration

As illegal aliens (or illegal “immigrants”) continue to carry the Mexican flag and march on California, and throughout the rest of the country, one thing seems to either have been forgotten or is purposefully being ignored. The current Border Protection, Anti-terrorism and Illegal Immigration Control Act (HR 4437), which was passed by the US House of Representatives and is awaiting action in the US Senate, is not about immigration—that is it’s not about legal immigration. It’s about illegal entry into the United States.

Although protestors, Democrats and the mainstream media are couching the bill as a Republican attempt at fomenting an “anti-immigrant” ideology (and more specifically “anti-Mexican”) it is not. Instead it’s the first real attempt from US lawmakers to get a handle on US borders.

For decades, the “border problem” has been largely ignored. Now, we have terrorists as well as those seeking a better life entering the US, at will, via our porous and predominantly unsecured Southern border. And many of those gaining illegal entry have become more and more violent. Mexican drug cartels and members of the Mexican military, who appear to support them, are just across the US-Mexico border in Nuevo Laredo. Armed with sophisticated weaponry, they cross into the US to challenge our Border Patrol Agents on a daily basis. Due to the dangers presented in Nuevo Laredo, Mexican government officials no longer even enter this Mexican city that has become a lawless “no Man’s land”.

And let’s remember. It’s not only the Southern entry into our country that needs shoring up. Canadian citizens will soon be required to present passports at the US’ Northern border. But, the mainstream media has reported very little regarding this issue. I’m surmising the reason is that Canadians aren’t conducting protest marches and demanding that the United States provide them with a free welfare state. Also, they don’t want to become US citizens. Canadians, largely, want to remain Canadians.

But, multiple demonstrating groups from South of the Border don’t want to become US citizens, either! They want the US to become Mexico. Countless signs carried by protesting illegal aliens in California read “Send Europeans back to Europe”, “We are Indigenous—the ONLY Owners of this Continent”, “This is Stolen Land” and “All Europeans are Illegal”. Note: This sort of activity and rhetoric is not endearing these people to legal Americans.

The real problems began when Mexico realized that they could export their criminals and impoverished people rather easily. They encouraged these Mexican citizens to go to “El Norte”—the United States. For years, that has kept the Mexican government from having to seriously consider (let alone address) any programs that would help its own people. Instead, they “shoo them out” and tell them to enter the US. And the Mexican government has even provided them with maps! Besides, the Mexican economy receives billions of US dollars when the illegals send money “back home’. But, now the illegal aliens (who believe their rights trump the rights of US citizens) actually have the audacity to tell we-the-people that they are “taking back” their country! And US students indoctrinated by leftist US “teachers’ have been taught that the US “stole land from Mexico”. Of course, this is patently untrue. But, young minds absorb what they are taught. Now, even the US flag is being removed from US public schools and classrooms. We are being told that the US flag is “too divisive”. Huh? It’s OUR country’s flag, folks. Do you see a developed pattern with these behaviors?

The bottom line, if we really have the desire to survive as a nation, is that we must protect our borders—whether via our government or, like the Minutemen, on our own. This protection must be implemented and completed if we want to remain a country. It’s not about barring legal immigration to anyone. It’s about stopping the illegal ones, which also includes terrorists, from getting in.


Sher Zieve

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