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Author: Sher Zieve
Date:  April 10, 2006

Topic category:  Other/General

Will Illegal Aliens Take America by Force?

On Sunday, the largest protest-demonstration in the history of Dallas, TX occurred. It’s estimated that tens of thousands (some reports place them at 100,000-500,000) of illegal immigrants and their supporters attended. Other illegals’ marches occurred in other states, including Utah, Alabama and California. As with other recently organized marches, currently occurring and planned across the country, the marchers and protestors were illegal aliens—from Mexico. Counter-protestors were and are not seen. My guess is that this is because 1. They’re too busy working 2. The press doesn’t want to report on them or 3. They’re watching the alienistas on television.

The marches were and are planned and organized by radical leftist groups, which include MEChA, LULAC, the Mexica Movement, International ANSWER and Open Borders. All of these groups are demanding that those who have entered the US illegally (the majority of whom are of Hispanic origin) be allowed to stay in the country and continue to receive services, be given the same rights as US citizens and that the US Congress not pass the border security act. They additionally demand the unchecked and unregulated continuation of illegals’ entry into the country. This force majeure is being affected by the illegals, their revolutionary organizers and their supporters to show US lawmakers that their invasion will not be stopped. And the marchers are becoming increasingly militant. Carrying Mexican flags and signs and banners that read “All Europeans are Illegal”, “We are Indigenous the ONLY Owners of this Continent” and “Indigenous People against White Racists”, the illegals are also telling US citizens and US lawmakers that they had better submit to them—or else! Is their next step to tell us that they will take the country by force, if we don’t meet their demands?

Note: In Sunday’s protests and demonstrations, protestors were told not to bring Mexican flags or “controversial” Hispanic/indigenous people signs and to only carry US flags. This was to affect more favorable press coverage and to keep their true intents and purposes better hidden. However, if you can read Spanish, their real objectives are contained within Spanish-language newspapers.

US Air Force Veteran and activist Michelle Dellacroce, who appeared Sunday on the Fox News Channel with Trace Gallagher, said that Spanish-language publications in Arizona are not only encouraging the illegal alien marchers to ‘take back the American Southwest for Aztlan’ but, have published threats against the Minutemen—the fast-growing group of US citizens who seem to be the only ones willing to protect our people and country from this blatant invasion. Our Border Patrol agents are overwhelmed with the illegals’ offensive and have still not been given the bodies and tools to stop this invasive attack on our country. In Texas, the US Border Patrol is being assaulted with heavily-armed Mexican Army members, who support the Mexican drug cartels, crossing into the US on a regular basis.

As I’ve written before, this is not about immigration. Immigrants built our country. But, these were and are legal immigrants. Instead, this is about millions of illegals entering the country and then demanding that they be given the same rights and privileges as US citizens—those citizens who have worked, fought and died to both make this country great and to protect it. But, now we have a group of US Senators who are no longer listening to the legal citizens of the country and seem to only be looking toward eliciting a new voting bloc. Will a new nationwide law giving illegal aliens the right to vote now be affected and passed? This may be one of the next items to be addressed on the Senate’s agenda.

A “path to citizenship” for those illegals already entrenched in the US, may be the only viable way to proceed. But, the invasion of additional illegals must be stopped. We have to restore our borders and, then, really protect them. Note: First, however, we need to remind our US senators that we do have borders in the country. They seem to have forgotten this pertinent fact. Without borders, there is no country.

Remember, those illegals crossing the borders into our country include terrorists, too! Not only are our individual state’s services being strained by the continuing illegal hordes crossing our borders but, terrorism is being allowed unrestricted entry. Rather than remaining powerless in this onslaught, “we the people” actually do have a potent tool. Citizens don't have to march. They just have to stay home. http://citizensonstrike.us





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