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Author: Sher Zieve
Date:  June 21, 2006

Topic category:  Other/General

What Sweeping Illegal Immigration Plan Has Worked?

I just read yet another article that stated the United States has to develop and enact a “sweeping immigration plan”. Well—the Immigration Reform & Control Act of 1986 (AKA Simpson-Mazzoli Act) was such a plan. Included in its far-reaching stipulations are the “control of unlawful employment of aliens, unfair immigration-related employment practices, fraud and misuse of certain immigration-related documents and the expeditious deportation of convicted aliens”.

The major problem with the IRCA is that it has been not been followed with any real desire or consistency on the part of lawmakers. And law enforcers are increasingly banned by politicians from implementing its directives. Instead, in many states, politicos have instilled “new laws” that have established “safe-haven cities” for illegal aliens—cities into which illegals may enter, live, work and have children with no reprisals from local governments. Anarchistic cities passing ordinances that fly in the face of federal and state laws have increased, dramatically.

Most myths surrounding illegal immigrants have been repeatedly debunked. For example, one myth states that illegals do not take jobs from US citizens. The facts are that they do and not just in agriculture. Increasingly, the construction, lodging, meat-packing and other industries are hiring illegals—because they will work for much lower wages than US citizens. Another fable is that illegal immigrants contribute more to the US economy than they take from it. Not so. The average illegal immigrant family uses $2,700/year more in services than it pays in taxes. Multiply that number by the estimated 12-20 million illegals currently in the country. WHEW!

Shattering yet another legend about illegals, is the fact that the very violent and purportedly tied-to-al-Qaeda gang MS-13’s entry into the US via its Southern border with Mexico. MS-13 has already established strangleholds on portions of US cities, including multi-block areas in Los Angeles. The Federal Bureau of Prisons estimates that fully one-third of current prison populations are comprised of non-citizen illegals.

Suffice it to say, no “sweeping” immigration plan has worked. Though seemingly well-intended, any such strategy or proposal won’t work. One of the reasons is that politicians, including the vast majority of US Senators, see a personal advantage in the “illegals’ voting bloc”. They also see an advantage in paying low wages to non-US citizens. One only need read the US Senate’s “immigration plan”, which was a deliberately gutted version of the House of Representatives’ Border Security and Immigration Reform Plan. Another reason that these all-encompassing plans fail is that they are all-encompassing. Too much is included—meaning that there are too many ways for scheming politicos and partisan groups to “misinterpret the provisions” in order to get around the restrictions.

Instead, the most realistic approach is to split off US border security from the “sweeping” immigration bill and let it stand on its own. Yes, this action has already been floated and proposed. But, thus far, it has fallen on deaf ears. As a temporary measure, President Bush—to his credit—arranged for the dispatch of the National Guard to our Southern border. Indications are that, even with the limited Guard deployment, illegal traffic has already fallen by 21%. Not the final result we want but, it’s a good start. However, the continuing and salient issue is that until our Southern border is secured—realistically and actually “brick-and-mortar” secured—any immigration reform bill is moot. After our borders have been convincingly protected, we can then allow our “elected” politicians to play to their new-and-upcoming illegal constituents and preen themselves for the media camera lights. Also, we legal citizens can also start to apply the pressure of our votes against those “leaders” who are selling us out. But until our borders are being consistently and effectively patrolled and illegals are actually prevented (what a concept!) from entering the US, any immigration reform measures will only be more of the same—wasted time and money.

Sweeping immigration “reform” changes? They’re only designed for politicians who want illegal immigration to continue for their own personal gains and for those who have adopted an anti-US sovereignty position in favor of globalism. So far, “we the people” have not been included in their plans.




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