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Author: Sher Zieve
Date:  June 26, 2006

Topic category:  Other/General

Vernon Robinson: My New Conservative Hero

I don’t live in North Carolina but, if I did I’d campaign for Vernon Robinson. Running for the House of Representatives, Robinson is engaged in a campaign that firmly attacks the country’s liberals and leftists in a most remarkable way. Robinson tells the unvarnished truth about them with great humor and some of the best sarcasm from a politician that I’ve ever heard.

Robinson’s truth has even recently been reported to have made a number of liberal “journalists” heads explode. Now, THAT’S something I would have paid to see! Democrat candidates are so angry with his “Twilight Zone” campaign Ads and his having the audacity to quote Bill Cosby that they are calling Robinson “a good slave” for the Republican Party. Oh—did I forget to tell you? Soon-to-be Rep. Vernon Robinson is conservative black man. As we already know to use “conservative” and “black” in the same sentence is considered by Democrats to be a hateful racist action. One of North Carolina’s Democrat “leaders” (and former pretend-Republican who has rejoined her Democrat Party roots) Rachel Lea Hunter blasted Robinson when she said: "Like a good slave, he has returned to the plantation."

Note: The truth, of course, is that he had the courage to leave the plantation. Only Democrats have plantations but, they won’t tell you that.

You have to just love Hunter. Racism from the mouth of a member of the political party who first firmly established the practice in the United States of America! Looks like it hasn’t changed much—if at all. Some have suggested that she may need psychiatric help. But, if one is talking about a liberal or a leftist, isn’t mental illness applauded by the Democrat Party? Of course, “mental illness” and “Democrat Party” smack of redundancy.

Robinson says that he was counseled against running his all-too-truthful campaign, which takes on the Left in a no-holds-barred take-no-prisoners stance of telling the American public just what it has done and is doing to destroy the country. And—surprise, surprise. It’s working! Robinson not only won the Republican Primary Election in North Carolina's 13th Congressional District (with the highest-ever margin of victory) but, took all seven counties.

While the Democrat’s moving-even-further-to-the-Left-and-senility new “star” Rep. John Murtha (D-PA) tells the world that the US is a bigger threat than North Korea, Robinson continues to support such “controversial” organizations as the Boy Scouts of America and rails against the corporate sponsorship of the welfare state.

Yes, I know. We conservatives have our own problems in the Republican Party. A big one is liberal Sen. Arlen Specter (R-PA). Maybe there’s something wrong with Pennsylvania’s water. However, North Carolina’s Robinson will affect a nice counter-punch to the badly aging Murtha. Even better, hypocrisy does not appear to be a Robinson trait.

Besides, with Robinson’s unparalleled showing in his recent primary race, it’s beginning to appear as if we-the-people know the truth when we hear it. Imagine that! Now, if we can just attract more conservatives across the country, with Robinson’s traits, Americans might even have a better chance of survival.

With Democrats and all liberals in general set on death, and the desire to take the rest of us with them, we need more leaders like Vernon Robinson.

To view Robinson’s “controversial” Ad, go to: http://www.vernonrobinson.com/

Sher Zieve

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