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Author: Sher Zieve
Date:  June 29, 2006

Topic category:  Other/General

Liberal Judges Fire another Bullet into US Anti-Terrorist Efforts

Apparently celebrating its first major victory over the US citizenry (SCOTUS’ Kelo decision to do away with the 5th Amendment to the US Constitution and allow private developers to steal American citizens’ property was only a year ago), on Thursday the US Supreme Court ruled that the President of the United States cannot order terrorist enemy combatants to be tried before a military tribunal. The court wrongly cited the rules according to the Geneva Convention. This unfathomable reasoning, using the Geneva Convention as the basis for its decision, does not apply to this situation.

The Geneva Convention applies to its signatories and those who wear the uniform of a recognized country. Neither of these scenarios is applicable to the current crop of terrorists at Guantanamo. But, the liberal contingent of the US Supreme Court used it anyway. This is simply and clearly yet another instance of courts—and now even the US high court—making up decisions as they go along, in order to justify their own ideologies. Although these decisions fly in the face of the US Constitution, these liberal courts have determined that they are far above the laws of the land.

Several pertinent questions come to mind. If foreign terrorists are now to be afforded all of the rights of US citizens, and will have their cases tried in US domestic courts, will US troops now be required to Mirandize them? Will our soldiers have to “read them their rights” on the battlefield, when taking them “into custody”?

Will we now have attorneys appearing in the combat zones of Iraq and Afghanistan to advise their radical Islamic clients not to say anything to their captors? Do you really believe any of these Ramsey Clarke wannabee terrorist ambulance chasers would go to Iraq in the first place?

Still don’t think we’re in a desperate situation? Well—let’s take a look. We have leakers giving national security secrets to the mainstream media. Note: For those who are still unaware, it’s called treason. Then, we have our own homegrown leftist mainstream media collaborating with the leakers and publishing said national security secrets. All of these are part and parcel to the crime. But, nothing is done about either of these treasonous acts and no one is suffering any consequences of their treason. And—to plunge the knife in further (and than shoot the victims over and over again)—now we have the leftist faction of our US Supreme Court stripping the President of even more of his powers. Now, it’s stripping his ability to wage war against an enemy that attacked us!

To those leftists reading this, you will also be very negatively impacted as are the rest of us, by this latest inane decision by our high court. You just don’t see it. Unfortunately, most of you never do and won’t until you are finally and irretrievably personally attacked by the enemies of our country, our people and—yes—you.

These are dire times for the country and this latest decision has made it even more ominous. It appears that the factions who no longer want the United States of America to survive are winning. But, it’s not coming from the ballot box. It’s coming from the far-left contingencies who rule by both intimidation and now unmistakably—judicial fiat.

Throughout history, our presidents have had the powers that the current liberal judiciary has now ruled “obsolete”. And with the arrogance and egos only present in those who believe “we can’t be touched”, they have placed the country—and us—in mortal danger.

Sher Zieve

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