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Author: Sher Zieve
Date:  July 25, 2006

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Media Begin Moves against Israel

Many have been wondering how long it would take for the US mainstream media to begin their turn against Israel and the reigniting of their passionate flames in support of terrorists. I noticed that they began the inevitable turning of the tides in opposition to the Jewish nation protecting itself from what has been called ‘the premiere terrorist organization on the planet’, Monday night.

During a brief channel-surfing session, I landed on ABC World News Tonight with Charley Gibson. I watched its war coverage for about ten minutes. Yes, I usually watch FNC for news. But, Fox was re-running a story I had already viewed. I entered the program, as it was displaying a map—a map of Israeli “hits”. The ABC map showed bright yellow-orange indicators of where Israeli rockets had landed in Lebanon. Missing, however, were the orange (or any other color) designations of where terrorist Hezbollah missiles had landed in Israel. From the ABC map, one would believe that Israel had experienced no Hezbollah-landed rockets whatsoever—despite the inescapable reality that is has sustained hundreds and, most likely, over 1,000 missile-hits. The map also suggested that Israel was carrying out some crazed conflict against the ‘innocent’ terrorists.

This certainly seems like one of the first salvos of the MSM toward rewriting the current Israel-Lebanon war—even before it has begun to reach a resolution.

Then ABC had two of its in-Beirut reporters commenting on the ‘destruction and carnage’ Israel was “wreaking on Lebanon”. Apparently not able to contain their bias, these reporters actually “interviewed” Lebanese children. Any mention of the carnage terrorist Hezbollah was inflicting on Israel was glaringly missing from their “journalistic” efforts. Does ABC even have any reporters located in Israel? One has to wonder.

The “kicker” for me was when one of these reporters referred to Hezbollah—not even using the name of this terrorist organization—referred to it as “the resistance”. With this characterization of the terrorist organization that actually trained al-Qaeda, ABC has placed it in the category of “freedom fighters”. In fact, I only heard the word Hezbollah (which is said to mean “God’s Army”) twice, during the entire report. Any questions as to which side ABC is on?

Missing from this “reporting” segment, of course, was the fact that Hezbollah had begun this both designed and planned war by invading Israel’s northern border; then killing eight Israeli soldiers and kidnapping two more. Also missing was the fact that Hezbollah has been arming itself with weapons, many of which have been placed in private homes, for the past six years; in efforts by terrorist Hezbollah to prepare for this war that it has now started.

Further blatantly missing from this ABC piece and bombardment against Israel was the news that Britain’s Intelligence Service MI-6 has said that Hezbollah sleeper cells have been activated in order to attack Western interests worldwide. It also advised that chemical and nuclear “dirty bombs” are suspected to be in its arsenal. But, I daresay most of the leftist mainstream media doesn’t report Hezbollah as a real terrorist organization—even though intelligence services across the planet say that it is the greatest threat to civilization to yet emerge. And their colleague ABC calls terrorist Hezbollah ‘resistance fighters’? Hezbollah, Hamas, al-Qaeda, al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, the Taliban, the Muslim Brotherhood and myriad other Islamic organizations have vowed to destroy Israel. And most of these have also promised to attack and destroy the United States of America—as well as all of Western civilization. But, the mainstream media doesn’t consider them threats.

Largely ignored by the mainstream media are the thousands of Hezbollah terrorists who march regularly in parades within Iran. Not reported by a sizeable portion of these same MSM members is the fact that Iran finances Hezbollah in Lebanon to the tune of at lest $100MM annually—some analysts say that the funding is closer to $250MM per year. Terrorist Hezbollah also exists with the full support of Iran’s junior partner Syria and, additionally, has twenty-three members in the Lebanese parliament—with two of its operatives chosen for the Lebanon Prime Minister’s cabinet. And this well-organized and well-funded terrorist organization operates worldwide.

What can possibly be the mainstream press’ agenda? At the very least, it seems to be tacit approval of terrorists’ actions and, more recently, seemingly full support for them; while at the same time beginning their vilification of Israel—a country fighting to maintain its very existence. The answers do not appear to be pretty. A few come to mind:

• The MSM, despite all evidence to the contrary, doesn’t view terrorists who have vowed to destroy “infidels” (non-Muslims) and all of their countries as threats

• The MSM is largely anti-semitic and, therefore, anti-Israel

• The MSM is so obsessed with its anti-Bush agenda that they now blame the president for everything—including the Israel against Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in Palestine wars. Therefore, they believe that a pro-terrorist stance means being anti-Bush

There is an apparent viral- insanity that has taken hold of the liberal and leftist press. This infection seems to present itself with a renewed sense of, proclivity toward and mad-dash-to-the-finish-line desire for suicide. If we the people don’t wake up from our sound sleep of apathy, we will be taken out by the liberal and leftist suicide-cult—if not the actual terrorist suicide bombers. However, there is one thing we do know. The terrorist sleeper cells have now been fully awakened—and their orders may have already been given.

Sher Zieve

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