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Author: Sher Zieve
Date:  September 22, 2006

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Chavez and Ahmadinejad: A Study in Evil

Although our small planet has virtually always been both a study and practical exercise in the battle of good vs. evil, recently this time-immemorial war has been escalating. The world’s history is rife with despots and other tyrannical rulers who have consistently risen from the bowels of sacrilege to fight against members the human race—in their attempts to suppress and destroy those who oppose their anti-life regimes. However, with the advent of the worldwide spread of nuclear weaponry, these new world barbarian oppressors have the opportunity to actually destroy civilizations—and all of their people.

In our world’s relatively recent past, we actually fought evil. Now however, encouraged by the worldwide mainstream media and US university elites, all too many of the planet’s citizens appear to embrace it. And, the bully-pulpit for many (if not most) of these anti-democratic world tyrants is the United Nations.

On Tuesday Iranian President and Islamic fundamentalist Mahmoud Ahmadinejad spoke before the UN General Assembly and said, in part and referencing the USA: “What afflicts humanity today is certainly not compatible with human dignity. The Almighty has not created human beings so that they could transgress against others and oppress them.” The problem with this statement is that ‘transgressions against others their oppression’ is precisely what Iran inflicts upon its own citizens. Ahmadinejad then continued, referring to the US, with “…most global conflicts emanate from injustice, and from the powerful, not being contented with their own rights, striving to devour the rights of others.” Note: This is, of course, exactly what Iran and the other Islamic-run countries affect.

The Iranian leader then continued to rail against the US and—of course—Israel, to the utter delight of the UN membership. After his speech, the UN General Assembly applauded profusely. In contrast, President Bush’s speech about the real terrorist menace facing the world—delivered earlier—was met with a lukewarm reception.

Strongman Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez delivered the second anti-US and anti-Bush punch on Wednesday. Chavez, who continues his seizures of Western businesses operating in Venezuela, ranted for approximately a half-hour about the USA and President Bush. He also held up and quoted from anti-US and anti-Israel communist author Noam Chomsky’s book “Hegemony or Survival: The Imperialist Strategy of the United States.” Notation for accuracy: The US has never taken over a country for any “imperialistic” strategies or measures. In fact, it has never taken over a country except to return said country to the people of that country—as in the case of World War II’s Japan and Germany.

Referencing President Bush’s earlier speech to the UN General Assembly, Chavez’ comments included: “I think that the first people who should read this book are our brothers and sisters in the United States, because their threat is right in their own house. The devil is right at home. The devil, the devil himself, is right in the house. And the devil came here yesterday. Yesterday the devil came here. Right here!” He continued with: “And it smells of sulfur still today.” Note: As his new found friend Ahmadinejad spoke after President Bush, I suggest that any remaining odors were the Iranian president’s leavings. Chavez continued his rant: “Yes, you can call us extremists, but we are rising up against the empire, against the model of domination.” Translation of Chavez’ usage of “model of domination”=democracy. Evil hates democracies. It flies in the face of its true purpose of suppression of human rights and its regional or world domination.

During Chavez’ speech, the UN Assembly tittered and guffawed when the Venezuelan Marxist trashed President Bush. After he had completed his rant, Chavez was wildly applauded by the UN membership for several minutes. The enemy within the US is endemic within the UN. And what is the reason that this outlet of iniquity is still located on our shores? Chavez was then invited to appear at an American University for a “press conference”, where he again railed against the United States and is reported to have received a “standing ovation” from the audience. Due largely to the discounted oil “gifts” Chavez has given to New Yorkers, on Thursday Chavez was “invited” to visit a Harlem Church! Democrat Joseph Kennedy, of the now-infamous leftist “Kennedy clan”, will provide distribution for Chavez’ CITGO oil; via Kennedy’s company “Citizens Energy Corp”.

Showing its support of tyrannical leaders and terrorist nations, on Thursday Ahmadinejad was afforded yet another speech-making moment, and opportunity to bash the USA at the United Nations. This time, the Islamic leader accused the “winners” of WW II (IE Western nations and specifically the US) of “oppressing” the “losers”. I believe that will come as a shock to the thriving democracies of Japan and Germany. But, rewriting history is one of the penchants of malevolence. Then, as yet another shot directly to the heart of the country, Columbia University has beseeched this dictator to speak to its students. When was the last time this leftist university, or any other, “beseeched” President Bush to make a speech? Note: The sounds of crickets can sometimes be annoying.

Our survival as a country and a people are at stake from these and other terrorist leaders—and yet we invite them into our midst. Does this make any sense to you? I ask again: “Why do we allow them and their enabling body the UN to even be in the US? Allowing terrorists in our midst is not a free speech issue. Instead, it is permitting them to install incendiary devices and actually create a fire in the proverbial crowded theatre. It is lunacy. Lunacy is another state of being that evil relishes. It allows it to proceed, with those “lunatics” around it in abject confusion, so that it can complete its task. One has to wonder when, if ever, the American people will rise up against these assaults upon our very existence. One, most certainly, has to wonder.



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