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Author: Sher Zieve
Date:  October 8, 2006

Topic category:  Other/General

Muslims Next Fight: The Right to Wear Ski Masks?

The latest Muslim “outrage” against the West was announced last week. Their most recent attempt to stop any semblance of free speech, if anything whatsoever is said about Islam, swirls cacophonously around innocuous statements made by UK Senior British Cabinet Minister and leader of the House of Commons Jack Straw.

Straw had the audacity to voice his opinion that, in face to face meetings with Muslim women, he would prefer to actually see their faces. So, in a recent meeting with a Muslim women’s group, he asked that they remove their niqabs (veils that cover the entire face). Straw told an interviewer: “I felt uncomfortable about talking to someone face-to-face' who I could not see.” Muslims in the UK hit the proverbial roof over this and, as is their proclivity, are continuing their “fury” over Straw’s comments and have even threatened violence. The UK’s Lancashire Council of Mosques spokesman Abdul Hamid Qureshi warned the United Kingdom: “What is he really concerned about? This is not helpful. It has got the potential to cause anger!” Nazreen Nawaz, another spokesman, added: “He [Straw] has once again shown that for Cabinet ministers it is open season on Muslims and Islam!”

Note: It now appears that it is only acceptable for Muslims to offer their opinions—on anything. “Westerners”, even leaders of their countries, may not. And, as was witnessed a few weeks ago, 14th century Byzantine emperors may not be quoted either—even by the pope, if their quotes go against the Islamic agenda, which (by the way and just as an aside) also includes world domination.

The increasingly unstable worldwide leftist media, ever fighting their war against the continuance of civilization, is (as might be expected) siding with Islam. The left-wing Observer.co.uk even asks of Straw’s statement: “Did he have the right to say it?” The mere fact that this question was asked speaks volumes. Although the publication eventually states that Straw did have the right, it also states that there should be a “national debate about an informal code of civility for a diverse society.” A national debate over whether or not one is allowed to see to whom they are speaking? EGADS! This takes insanity to a new and, as yet, uncharted level—if that’s even possible.

With this markedly growing mindless movement it appears that Islam, radical or otherwise, is to be coddled—not stirred. Instead, rational, civilized comments and behaviors are to be shunned—if not banned altogether.

This created “controversy” leads me to the next logical question: “Will the next Muslim itching-for-a-fight action be taken over [their] wearing ski masks?” Heck, terrorists are already “allowed” to do so—and they do so on a regular basis. Isn’t it “discriminatory” not to allow everyone to wear them everywhere and anywhere they want? And what about bans against wearing ski masks while carrying knives and guns? As the most prominent groups currently “wearing and carrying” are Islamo-fascists, doesn’t the barring of these garments and their accessories show a clear-cut “Western bias”? Defending this “right” may be something that is right up Ramsey Clark’s alley!

So, the next time you see anyone wearing a ski mask and carrying weapons of any kind, be very careful what you say or do. This may be the next in a long line of Muslim “civil rights’” cases. And, if you’re not careful, you may just end up sitting in court behind the defendant’s table looking at a completely covered up plaintiff—who is, of course, armed to his or her not visible teeth.




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