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Author: Sher Zieve
Date:  December 4, 2006

Topic category:  Other/General

Islamists and Pushing the Common Sense Envelope

Pushing the envelope in order to continue to check Americans’ political correctness and acceptance of terrorists’ “rights” has now become the order of the day for Islamists—that is for Muslims intent upon using American “tolerance” against us. Muslim cab drivers at Minneapolis-St. Paul (MSP) airport have decided they will no longer accept passengers who are ‘transporting alcohol’. Over 50% of the taxi drivers at MSP airport are now Muslims.

On 6 June 2006 the Islamic drivers issued a formal “Fatwa” to the Metropolitan Airports Commission, advising it that allowing passengers who carry alcoholic products is now prohibited; as it would involve “cooperating in sin according to Islam”. Thus far, I have neither read nor heard of any response to the Muslim demands. Instead, MSP airport is considering the installation of a “Muslim prayer room”—at the request of Muslims—largely in response to the “flying imams” who recently overtly tested US Airways security and the flying public’s reactions to the imams’ terroristic-type behaviors. With respect to Muslim prayer rooms, airport in Nashville, TN, Columbus, OH and Fort Lauderdale, FL already advertise them! Of course, airports have not offered to install Christian prayer rooms—that would be “discrimination”.

Note: I predict that soon the Muslim cabbies will soon begin conducting their own baggage searches of potential riders, to ascertain whether or not they are carrying liquor.

Via either anticipated or actual intimidation from the growing Islamic presence in the US, New York City schools display Muslim religious symbols on Ramadan. However, this same school district refuses to allow Christian religious symbols (most notably Nativity scenes at Christmas) during Christian Holidays. Our liberal court system has upheld this blatant discriminatory practice. The reason? Muslims kill people and blow things up when they are denied their demands—Christians don’t.

Then, most recently, we have been hit in the face with the flying imams. Six ostensible Muslim “scholars” were reported to have been returning to Arizona from the North American Imams Federation (NAIF) Conference, which was held in Minneapolis. One of these imam-returnees was Omar Shahin. More on his background will follow. Prior to their US Airways flight’s departure from MSP airport, the six imams were observed standing up and heard praying loudly in the airport’s waiting area. After boarding the plane, the imams were reported to have taken seats not assigned to them, they positioned themselves around the plane in ways ‘reminiscent of the 9/11 terrorists’ and then again stood and began loudly praying—while on the plane.

Other red-flag security warnings included these imams having purchased one-way tickets, not checking or carrying baggage, shouting “Allah-Allah-Allah” and asking for seatbelt extensions when they weren’t warranted. Note: Seatbelt buckles can be used as weapons. However, the final straw apparently was added to their pile-on when the imams began to praise Saddam Hussein and curse the United States. A passenger who speaks and understands the Arabic language being spoken overheard them. He wrote a note that was forwarded to the plane’s Captain. Sensibly, the Captain had the imams removed from the plane.

Anyone who has the ability to exercise rational thought realizes this was a “test” by the group of imams and designed to create controversy—most notably in Muslim communities—and to foster rendering the claim of “discrimination against Muslims”. The imams’ actions were carefully planned—apparently by their instigator Omar Shahin.

Imam Shahin has a most interesting background. He has a degree in Islamic studies, obtained in both the Sudan and Saudi Arabia, teaches at the unaccredited (and apparently web-based) US-based American Open University (which specializes in Islamic studies) and is the President of NAIF’s executive committee. Shahin has been tied to Hamas through his position as spokesperson for the Islamic “charity” Kind Hearts Organization. Kind Hearts had its assets frozen by the US Treasury for its links to terrorist Hamas. Shahin was also Imam for the Islamic Center of Tucson, where multiple terrorist operatives were identified. Most notable of these Islamic operatives was Wael Jelaidan who later assisted in co-founding the al-Qaeda terrorist organization.

Of the six imams’ detention, Shahin initially said they were not mistreated and that no handcuffs were used. Just after the incident, Shahin even stated: "We love US Airways, and we want to fly with them." Later on, however, he changed his story and claimed that they were all handcuffed before being taken off the plane. Shahin then said: "They took us off the plane, humiliated us in a very disrespectful way!"

Acting in a patently terroristic manner then claiming discrimination seems to be the Islamists newest tactic in their war against the West—specifically the USA and Israel. At the same time, they are counting on the liberal tolerance-even-in-the-face-of-imminent-disaster-and-death to prevail in the hearts and minds of the American people over any and all common sense. The Islamists are working very hard to desensitize US citizens to terrorist threats and realities. They are also working closely with the ACLU and the US left-leaning court system to support their claims of “discrimination toward Muslims”—irrespective of any acts that Muslims may affect. And, in the US courts, they are winning on a number of fronts. The question that remains is: “How long will the American public continue to stand for it?” Perhaps a more appropriate question is: “Will a growing number of the public begin to stand up to it?”

Only time will tell. But, if we plan to do anything at all to counteract it, we’d better stand up soon. The Islamization of the United States of America is, already, well underway.

http://theamericanmuslim.org/tam.php/features/articles/ muslim_cab_drivers_and_the_mas_fatwa/0011856




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