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Author: Sher Zieve
Date:  January 31, 2007

Topic category:  Other/General

Border Enforcement Effectively Nonexistent

Neither US Border Patrol Agents nor US National Guard troops are allowed to protect the US-Mexico border region. Border Patrol Agents are prosecuted for doing their jobs and National Guard troops are not allowed to use their weapons against Mexican gunmen who cross our border illegally. Many people have and are speculating that it is the trilateral Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP) that has taken precedence and authority over US sovereignty. Note: The SPP effectively provides no borders to illegal immigrants throughout the North American continent. Only legal citizens are, now, required to provide passports.

Recently, two USBP Agents—Ignacio Ramos and Jose Alonso Compean—were convicted and sentenced for shooting admitted drug dealer Osvaldo Aldrete-Davila in his buttocks as he fled back across the border into Mexico. Aldrete-Davila was transporting over 700 lbs of marijuana (said to be worth over $1 million) into the US. Instead of prosecuting the drug dealer, US gave Aldrete-Davila immunity from prosecution for his testimony against the Agents. Prosecutors claimed that they “proved” the drug dealer did not have a gun, at the time he was confronted by Ramos and Compean. Question: As Aldrete-Davila had fled back across the border into Mexico, how was there any way to know—with certainty—that he had no gun? However, prosecutors took a drug dealer’s word over US Border Patrol Agents. There is also a question as to whether or not the law used to convict the Agents was correct. The ballistic results from Ramos’ gun are also being questioned. Still, the Agents were convicted of shooting the drug dealer and remain in federal prison—while the drug dealer continues to ply his trade. The drug dealer has also filed a $5MM lawsuit against the US government for ‘violation of his civil rights’. Note: No doubt the “right” to practice his drug-dealing.

Then, we have the National Guard, which has—for all intents and purposes—been shackled and chained from protecting themselves; let alone the border. At the US-Mexico border area of Sasabe, AZ, on 3 January US National Guard troops were confronted by 6-8 Mexican gunmen who were wearing military uniforms, body armor and carrying automatic weapons. Testing their strategy, the gunmen are reported to have split into two groups and then surrounded the observation post. In order to avoid confrontation, the guardsmen backed away, entered their Humvees and reported the incident to the USBP—leaving the gunmen in control of the US post. Spokesman for the Arizona Guard Major Paul Aguirre said the guardsmen acted appropriately. The illegals have now learned that the US National Guard has no authority to affect anything to protect our border. So, they are becoming bolder each and every day.

Another strong indication of this emboldening is an incident that occurred Sunday near Sells, AZ. Illegals who were crossing the border pelted the US National Guard with rocks and KVOA News reported: “Current rules of engagement prohibit National Guard troops from taking offensive action while stationed along the border.” They can only report the crossings to the USBP—which has already had much of its authority removed by both the US and Mexican governments. As a side note, the Mexican government has offices in USBP locations to ensure that many illegals get through.

With Democrats now back in power, it’s doubtful that any viable border fence will ever be built. Along with pretend Republicans, the Democrats are poised to vote for bills that will give amnesty to illegals—which will, more than likely, include terrorists and their Mexican drug dealers. But, what this lack of enforcement of the border portends is far graver. This trend has every indication of spreading to local law enforcement nationwide. Law enforcement in so-called US “Sanctuary Cities” is already prohibited from detaining or arresting illegal aliens, for their lack of legal status. With this rule of law effectively ignored, which other ones will be next? Already, we’re seeing signs of this inclination in our nation’s capitol. During last weekend’s anti-war protest march, demonstrators were allowed to spray-paint graffiti on both the Capitol building steps and surrounding buildings. The Capitol Police were told to stand down, not to interfere and not to arrest anyone! As increased lawless behavior is allowed in the country, more lawless acts (does anyone remember the word “anarchy”?) will be committed—and they will increase. Without the practice of following and upholding the laws of this country, all-out chaos will begin to ensue—and the mandatory imposition of country-wide Martial law will not be far behind. And this will have begun with the refusal to protect our own borders—which greatly define our sovereignty.

With the new mandates that the lawless factions now take precedence over those who actually adhere to the law, one must now seriously wonder how long our once-great nation can survive. If you look closely at our country’s Seal, you might actually be able to see a tear in the Eagle’s eye.









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