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Author: Sher Zieve
Date:  February 11, 2007

Topic category:  Other/General

New Muslim Outrage Materializes

As we in the Western world have come to expect, many Muslims and Islamic organizations claim “outrage” at almost anything and everything they can find. They rioted, burned buildings and vehicles over cartoons that parodied their prophet Muhammad. Then Muslims rioted, burned buildings and vehicles and even murdered a nun when Pope Benedict XVI quoted a 14th century Emperor who was critical of Islam. Like the Left, apparently, they have little to do—except riot or protest and attempt to silence all of those who have the unmitigated gall to disagree with their tenets of belief. Political correctness has completely taken over the secularists of the West, which has become feckless, jaded and pathetic. Now, all that terrorists and their supporters have to do is complain that they are “being discriminated against” (and threaten to call someone—somewhere—a “racist”) and the West caves easily and willingly to all of their demands. Nowhere is this surrender more evident than in the case of Muslims’ latest indignation.

Five CW Post College students created a parody video, along the lines of the satirical film “Team America”. The video was directed at the Long Island University’s residence hall mascot—a rubber duck. In the film, which clearly stated in its intro that the film was a joke, five ski-mask wearing men of presumed Middle Eastern origin kidnap the duck and threaten to cut its throat. Muslims and, therefore, CW Post College officials were horrified! Gazi Khanhan of the American Muslim Alliance is quoted as saying: “The harm that generates out of such jokes stereotypes Muslim Americans!” Note to Khanhan: It only “stereotyped” terrorists. From his comments, one has to wonder if Khanhan and his group support them.

To add insult to injury, CW Post College fired all of the film-making and honor-roll students from their jobs as Residence Hall Assistants and threatened to expel them. The reason given by college officials was that the film was “insensitive”. Question: Have these university officials seen the recent films coming out of Hollywood? Apparently, actual terrorist beheadings of real people is not a problem for the university. The students, unless they wished to lose their status as students, were forced to offer their mea culpas. They have apologized for making fun of the new “politically correct” terrorists. As I wrote in a previous column, the Left will soon consider terrorism to be just another ideology—to be accepted and protected by their suicidal minions. Now, CW Post College has proved my point. Apparently terrorists are to be accepted, if not revered, by all who are allowed to set foot upon this university’s “hallowed” grounds. I’m guessing this college also bans US Military recruitment.

We-the-people are now being forced to accept terrorists and their killing-field philosophies into our midst and are not allowed to oppose them. Even our troops who are courageously and honorably working to keep the terrorists from our shores are being forced to fight an increasingly PC war. While our valiant soldiers fight an enemy that has vowed to destroy us and dominate the world, the leftist press, elected officials and our own universities work against them—and then fight for terrorists’ rights. The insanity is becoming more and more prevalent, folks. Unless we can soon gain a majority of true conservatives into elected office, our fate will be sealed. It’s just that clear.

Sher Zieve

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