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Author: Sher Zieve
Date:  February 16, 2007

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Democrats Set Stage for Defeat of US Troops

As al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups in Iraq have not been able to defeat the United States of America, Democrats and RINOs (Republicans in name only) are finally making the moves to do it themselves. The first step for the Democrats is the ‘non-binding’ vote of ‘no confidence’ in President Bush’s plan to add reinforcements into the Iraq arena, which was passed on Friday. The second is to defund US troops. Rep. John Murtha (D-PA) who vocally denigrated US troops in 2006 when he said they were murdering Iraqis “in cold blood continues to call for an immediate cut and run policy from Iraq. New Speaker of the House Pelosi (D-CA) said she concurs with an abrupt withdrawal. But, the Democrats’ non-binding and feckless proposal is just the beginning.

Murtha has said that he and the House Democrat majority will now work to pull all the financial plugs from the military and place our troops in Iraq in extreme harm’s way. While advising that the Democrats will vote to defund our troops, Murtha said jubilantly: “They [our troops] won't be able to continue. They won't be able to do the deployment. They won't have the equipment, they don't have the training and they won't be able to do the work!”

Note: The only thing missing from this unprecedented anti-American and ‘we can defeat the USA’ remark was a hearty laugh from Murtha and a video showing him gleefully rubbing his hands.

In an attempt to explain his statements [AKA “manipulate” them] for the more uninformed liberally-indoctrinated population, Murtha added: “We're trying to force a redeployment—not by taking money away [but], by redirecting money.” Translation: “Even though we Democrats know our soldiers will now be killed by the terrorists, we’re taking all congressional money away from them. Besides, their lives aren’t as important as the money I’ll be able to use for my own pet projects.”

We are now seeing and hearing what many of us said would happen if Democrats regained congressional power, prior to the 2006 midterm elections. Too many of you stayed home. All of us are now reaping the whirlwind that this apathetic decision caused. Prior to the midterms, some of you told me that there was ‘no difference in political parties anymore’. Do you now see the difference?

House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-OH) commented on Murtha’s remarks with: “While American troops are fighting radical Islamic terrorists thousands of miles away, it is unthinkable that the United States Congress would move to discredit their mission, cut off their reinforcements and deny them the resources they need to succeed and return home safely.” It appears that neither Murtha nor the other Democrat “leaders” care a whit about the abject carnage their decisions will cause. Their power is more important. Can anyone say Nifong?

While conservatives believe that US soldiers willing to fight and die for the rest of us have a higher calling than most of us, Democrats believe they are both stupid and completely expendable. With their actions, Democrats tell us over and over again that they have no use for the US military. And they continue to seethe with fury that our troops would have the audacity to volunteer!

The new congressional Democrat power base are the people that too many of you either directly voted for them or chose to stay home and not vote at all. I am neither being extreme in my comments nor am I engaging in scare-mongering when I say that we-the-people will be reduced to fighting terrorists in our own cities, towns and homes. Political leaders can draw upon vast amounts of cash and favors, in order to secure themselves and maintain their extravagant lifestyles. Most of the rest of us don’t have that luxury. The dye for our ultimate dissolution has been cast.

Many of you have asked me “what can be done?” The only answers I can give is make sure you and your family are well-armed, before our leftist courts finally and irrevocably overrule and dismantle the Second Amendment—and keep your powder dry.

http://www.fox6.com/news/national/story.aspx?content_id =AB9926E1-0CA4-4ADA-9D69-9E194AC48751&rss=tick

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