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Author: Sher Zieve
Date:  March 20, 2007

Topic category:  Other/General

President G. W. Bush: Only President Not Allowed to Fire US Attorneys

In moves designed to, yet again, work towards placing members of the Bush Administration (specifically the Left’s favorite whipping boy—political aide Karl Rove) in jeopardy, Democrats and their supplicant RINOs have launched their latest of an increasing number of investigations into anything and everything that is “Bush and Republican”. This time it is a Democrat attack against the firing of a number of US Attorneys, in an attempt to have Attorney General Alberto Gonzales fired and top Bush officials grilled by a Democrat-run investigatory committee. Note: This seems eerily reminiscent of the old USSR politburo.

First, allow me to place something out into the open and the bright light of day. US Attorneys hold their offices at ‘the pleasure of the President of the United States’ and are at-will employees. These attorneys may be fired by any current POTUS, at any time and for any reason. That is what “at-will” means. As an example, during Democrat President Clinton’s Administration all 93 US Attorneys were fired. Note: President George W. Bush has fired only 8. And during President H. W. Bush’s term of office, US Attorneys were also fired. But, President G. W. Bush is not being afforded the same “rights” as are other presidents. Democrats are now loudly shouting—if not yet overtly at least implicitly: “President George W. Bush does not have the same rights as other presidents of the United States!” And they have been saying it almost since the first day President George Bush took office. Most certainly, Democrats and their RINO supplicants have been attempting, for the last several years, to usurp the Executive Branch’s war powers. Will there soon no longer be a Commander-in-Chief but, rather a “Congress-in-Chief” to direct our US military?

The Stalinist crowd has made the decision that being a Republican president—or just being Republican period (unless one is a RINO)—should now be against the law. This same crowd, which includes the top members of the Democrat Party, has also made the decision to eternally investigate and attempt to prosecute them via their liberally-stacked court system—for being Republican. And, due to the raw reality that a majority of government school attendees have been indoctrinated into Marxist-Stalinist ideologies, much of the younger voting population may agree with them. Throughout their tutelage, these students have not been taught either the true history of the United States or the verity of its laws. They simply do not know any better.

As I view it, the central problem with this entire issue of US Attorney firings is that President Bush and members of his administration have not (as has sadly and dangerously been their penchant of late) fought back against the leftists. Instead, there seems to be a continuing knee-jerk reaction toward a new policy of constant apologies. And instead of defending the legal privileges of the Executive Branch of government, US Attorney General Alberto Gonzales immediately offered his mea culpa for having let 8 (not 93) US Attorneys go. Mr. Attorney General: “There is nothing for which you need to apologize! Instead, the Democrat leadership should apologize to you and President Bush. It should also beg the forgiveness of the American people for wasting their tax dollars.” Yes—we pay for all of these Congressional investigations. However, it appears that Democrats have no intention of asking forgiveness for wasting our time, tax dollars and the improper usage of investigatory committees.

While you still are able to do so (there is yet another Democrat bill floating in Congress to disallow conservative grassroots organizations and individuals from advising the public to complain to their congress people and senators), contact your local congressional representatives and your US Senators to express your opposition to these absurd actions. You and we have a voice. Let’s use it.

There is something implicitly and inherently wrong with a government group that has nothing better to do than begin and implement trivial and ludicrous investigations. And there is an even greater wrong affected by those who allow it to occur.

Sher Zieve

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