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Author: Sher Zieve
Date:  April 13, 2007

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Minnesota College begins Islamization Makeover

The first public US college in the nation has now earnestly begun the Islamization of its campus. We presume this is only the first of many other colleges and universities that will now follow suit. Minneapolis Community & Technical College announced in March that it will renovate its bathrooms, in order to install ritual foot-washing basins for Muslims� who are preparing for their prayers. Although the Star Tribune�s Katherine Kersten reports that the college�s Director of Legal Affairs Dianna Cusick stated that it is unconstitutional to promote any religion and �the Constitution prevents us from doing this in any form�, it strongly appears that this is precisely what the college is doing�by promoting its provision of deference to Islam. As an example of the college�s inequitable behaviors, specifically as pertains to Christianity, during the 2006 Christmas season a coffee cart on campus was barred by college officials from playing music that is �tied to Christmas.� Acknowledgements of the Christmas season were also banned and Ms. Cusick advised College President Phil Davis in a memo: �As we head into the holiday season all public offices and areas should refrain from displays that may represent to our students, employees or the public that the college is promoting any particular religion.� The only things that appeared to be glaringly missing from her memo were �promoting any particular Christian religion� and �exceptions to this rule will be granted to Muslims�. Considerations and shouts for �separation of church and state� only apply to Christian separation. Note: US (and specifically Minnesota) taxpayers fund the college�s practices.

Minneapolis Community & Technical College�s Davis and other school officials meet frequently with Islamic community leaders and the school is said to be discussing the creation and installation of Muslim prayer rooms. Davis advised: �It's like when someone comes to your home, you want to be hospitable. We have new members [Muslims] in our community coming here. We want to be hospitable.� Of note is that there are no Christian prayer rooms currently on, or even planned, the campus. Davis is also reported to have actually compared building the campus� Muslim foot-washing facilities to the college cafeteria serving fish to Christians during Lent! It�s amazing that someone with this sort of confused mentality has risen to the presidency of a college. I suspect that this is due to lower level leftist politically-correct government public schooling.

But, Minneapolis Community & Technical College is not unique in its submission to Islam. Increasingly, publicly funded (as well as our elite privately funded) colleges and universities in the US offering Islamic studies are growing exponentially�while those offering Christian studies are either disbanding or have already ended these programs. They are, generally, only now offered at private Christian-based learning institutions. If this trend continues (and from past historical data I deduce that it will only intensify) Christianity�with the next step Judaism?�will soon be altogether banned from US colleges and universities. After all, Christianity and Judaism are in direct opposition to Islam. Can�t have that! Of even more importance, Islam teaches via its Quran: �Believers, take neither the Jews nor the Christians for your friends. They are friends with one another. Whoever of you seeks their friendship shall become one of their number. Allah does not guide the wrongdoers� [Surah 5:51]; �Let not the unbelievers think that We (Allah) prolong their days for their own good. We give them respite only so that they may commit more grievous sins. Shameful punishment awaits them!� [Surah 3:178] and �Those that make war against Allah and His apostle and spread disorder in the land shall be slain or crucified or have their hands and feet cut off on alternate sides, or be banished from the land. They shall be held up to shame in this world and sternly punished in the hereafter: except those that repent before you reduce them. For you must know that Allah is forgiving and merciful� [Surah 5:33-34]. Note: The Quran appears to make no negative comments against Muslims who begin wars and then continue to wage them against non-Muslims. That�s acceptable to Islam�and even seems to be encouraged. Apparently, our colleges and universities now agree that Islam is superior to all other cultures and religions (or at the very least political-correctness trumps everything else on the planet) and must be given special allowances and privileges.

Several years ago, I wrote the column �Will Humans PC Themselves Out of Existence?� Now, it appears that we�as a species�are well under way towards affecting it. We already have Islamic training being required and even promoted in our grammar and middle schools. However, similar Christian training is disallowed. Again, this is an example of the SCOTUS ruling that bestowed upon us the errant philosophy of �separation of church and state� that is now being applied only to Christianity. The pro-Muslim war against and elimination of Christians is alive and well in all aspects of US society. And it is our taxpayer money that is being used for the purge of Christianity and it is another nail being hammered into the coffin of the USA. I wonder how soon it will be until our country is renamed to the USI�United States of Islam. Don�t you?




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