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Author: Sher Zieve
Date:  May 1, 2007

Topic category:  Other/General

Illegals Marching Again—Issuing New Demand

After their 2006 Communist May Day march, illegals and their handlers are at it again. They have resumed their “we want our rights” march. 1 May has become the illegals in the US new protest-against-the-US-and-its-“European”-population-day. Last year, the illegals carried Mexican flags, flew the US flag upside down at half-mast and demanded US citizenship. Groups including MEChA and the Mexica Movement also demanded all US citizens of European ancestry be deported. Note: Bear in mind, these demands are coming from illegal entrants to our country—not legal ones. But, then hordes invading countries have historically issued demands. The only thing that is new, this time, is that hungry-for-votes US politicians are listening to them. “Anything for power and anything for a buck,” appears to be the politicos’ mantra. For the illusion of power, they are willing to sacrifice not only the US’ national security but, anyone and everyone who gets in their way. These include we-the-people.

This year, the illegal aliens are not only demanding immediate US citizenship but that the US stop arresting and deporting them. Using their new excuse that ICE (US Immigration Control and Enforcement) is ‘splitting up families’, illegals are demanding that the US cease and desist the enforcement of its immigration laws. Carrying signs that say “Justice for Children of Immigrants” and “No Human Being is Illegal”, illegals have the support of local California councilmen and others. As examples, in San Jose, Councilmen Dave Cortese and Sam Liccardo are marching with the illegals and, apparently, support the ignoring US immigration laws. Councilman Liccardo commented: “We have too good of a community here not to be heard. And I know we are going to win!” With politicians behind them, the illegals no longer need to hide their crimes. They can now proclaim them with pride and in the light of day—then tell us that enforcing our country’s laws is the real crime.

Armed with support from greedy-for-votes politicians, the illegals’ boldness and arrogance is increasing exponentially. They and their supporters have learned our politically-correct system well. If any of us rail at US taxpayer dollars being spent to fund and support illegals, they call us by the catch-all and meant-to-silence-us term “racist.” They then tell us that US citizens should pay for them, their immediate families and those family members who will also be illegally immigrating to the US. The founder of Communism, Karl Marx, advised: “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.” And illegals have a lot of needs—not the least of which is US taxpayers’ continued funding of their current and future requirements.

Illegals and their leftist advocates are now also telling us that to deny them access to all of US services—and/or to attempt to deport them—are “human rights violations.” Illegal immigrant supporter Megan Kennedy, the coordinator of the [illegal] immigrant rights program at the Resource Center for Nonviolence, claims: “Immigration enforcement raids terrify and divide communities across our nation!” To place her words in a more realistic context, Ms. Kennedy is really saying: “Stop enforcing your stupid laws! Without illegals I’m out of a job!”

Our power hungry politicians as well as we-the-people have allowed this situation to develop. Too many US citizens, for too many years, turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to this now almost impossible problem. We have allowed these illegal insurgents to enter our country, stay, and then use our services—for free—to the point that many of our healthcare facilities and hospitals have been forced to close. And now we are allowing these same invaders to tell us what to do. Can we, en masse, call our Congress people and US Senators and advise them that we won’t take it any more and if they continue to vote with and for the illegals—we won’t vote for them? Unless we do it now, it won’t make a difference. Before long, if our politicians have their way, illegals will be able to legally vote in US elections. Then, we-the-people will no longer be of any importance.





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