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Author: Sher Zieve
Date:  June 7, 2007

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Senate Votes to Include Amnesty for Felons

Proving once again that US Senators do not care a whit for the American voters who elected them (senators who also appear to be suffering from some terminal stupidity virus), this less than august body voted Wednesday to allow the proposed “Z-Visa” to also be disseminated to illegal immigrants who have been convicted of terrorist and criminal acts. The Democrat-run Senate voted down Sen. John Cornyn’s (R-TX) amendment to the Amnesty Bill that would have excluded illegals who have been convicted of criminal acts, including gang activity. If passed, the Illegal Immigrant Amnesty Bill will now permit convicted felons and terrorists to remain in the USA legally and indefinitely. President of the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) Dan Stein stated: “The defeat of this amendment demonstrates just how determined the Senate leadership is to pass a massive illegal alien amnesty. They will let nothing upset their delicate compromise between all of the special interests that are seeking new benefits from the immigration system. Their determination to satisfy the desires of the illegal alien and the cheap labor lobbies is so fierce that they are not even willing to prevent terrorists and criminals from gaining legal status.”

Stein also observed: “American citizens are sitting in prison for having committed some of the same offenses that are not only being overlooked for illegal aliens, but actually allow them to be rewarded with the right to remain in this country legally!” Via the passage by the Senate of the Illegal Alien Amnesty Bill—headed by Senators Ted Kennedy (D-MA), John McCain (RINO-AZ) and Charles Schumer (D-NY)—to replace current US citizens (both native and naturalized) with their new-and-improved illegal alien voting bloc, members of Congress will have effectively executed a, currently, bloodless coup d’etat against the citizenry of the United States of America. We now have a US Congress that is overt and shameless in its actively working to circumvent—if not overthrow—the will of we-the-people. The Boston Tea Party, which is considered to be the catalyst for the revolution leading to American independence from Great Britain, was affected under far less tyrannical actions than are now being waged by Congress against the American people. How long Congress’ current coup against US citizens will remain bloodless is a matter of speculation.

Instead of following the immigration laws already on the books, the US Congress wants to pass new laws that will both weaken existing US laws—that are no longer being upheld—and the sovereignty of the USA. This Amnesty Bill rewards those who have entered the USA illegally and slaps legal citizens in the face. Question to parents: What happens when you reward one child for bad behavior and punish another for exhibiting good behavior? The answer is an obvious one. As the good child will now join the actions of his badly-behaving sibling—in order to gain rewards from the parent—said parent will have raised two criminals. And in the case of the illegals, US citizens are being forced to pay for the invaders, their families and all of their friends.

If this bill is shoved down the throats of the majority of the American people, despite our protestations, all invaders will be welcome to steal and pillage within the borders of the United States. Gangs will be invited to take over cities and towns within those now non-existent borders. I am reminded of how the country looked and was portrayed in the movie Blade Runner. It was not a pretty picture. But with the current crop of pro-illegals and anti-US citizens senators and congress people, as well as an open-borders POTUS, we-the-people are being assaulted by our own politicians. Can a dictatorial one-party state be in the offing for the USA? It appears that it’s already underway. This is largely what the 2006 midterm elections have wrought and there is nothing “comprehensive” about the proposed comprehensive immigration reform bill. By any other name, it is an Amnesty Bill that praises criminals and their behaviors while debasing those who have chosen to follow the law. Our politicos on both sides of the aisle are telling us in no uncertain terms: “Laws are meant to be broken!”

By the way, have you checked the building of the border fence recently? It isn’t really being built. And if the politicians have their way, it never will be.



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